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LOTR: Cleansing Osgiliath – 12Oct2014

Catching back up on 2014 gaming in the New Year I still have few fall games to detail. Today’s story is set at the end of the Battle of Pellenor Fields as the forces of Mordor retreat to Osgiliath’s quays. … Continue reading

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LOTR: Rammas Wall 31MAY2014

The long neglected Rammas Wall was the site of our battle.  A few years before the events in the LOTR, the Steward Denethor finally started to repair the ruined outer defenses as the forces of Mordor started to probe the … Continue reading

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LOTR Painting the Southern Watches – Rohan, Harad, Easterlings, Orcs, Trolls, Wargs 29DEC2013

These painting posts are more about a place for me to store my paint schemes and keep track of what I have battle-ready than as a set of recommendations on how to paint minis. I suspect most that read this … Continue reading

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LOTR: Miscellania 26APR2012

Just back from Spring Fever in Raleigh to see me mates. I had a great time and played in 9 games! A Cimmerian versus Shem game with Command and Colors (loser), “Ruins of Arnor” (winner) and “Westfold Burning” (GM) using … Continue reading

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LOTR: Battle of Howling Wolves 28DEC2011

Battle of Howling Wolves Following the defeat of Sauron, not all bad things were utterly defeated and it took years to upright the good old world. Prince Faramir and Gimli teamed to root out wandering bands of marauders until far … Continue reading

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LOTR: Battle of Pelennor Fields – LOTR Lunacy

Lunacy That’s right sheer and utter lunacy. Ravings of a deranged mind. Madness I say. Had I been out in the Sun too long? Undoubtedly! Let’s look back at the history of the psychosis. A perfectly stable young man casually … Continue reading

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LOTR: Osgiliath Bridge Head 28SEP2011

Osgiliath – A game too far? If you had been around me since April, you would know that my big war-gaming push for 2011 was Lord of the Ring. I decided that I needed to run two LOTR Strategy Battle … Continue reading

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