VSF – Mutiny on Venus – 24SEP2016

It has been a long while since my last post, but the summer has been one of busy gaming and generally enjoying the hobby of planning, collecting, building, and painting armies.  More on that later, but for the present lets focus on things VSF or the pulpy side of VSF set in the Edwardian era.  Two great companies make 28mm Aeroneffs that caught my fancy and rolled out of my shipyard this summer.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

Ironclad Miniatures out of England makes resin steam tanks including a spiffy little Scout Aeroneff(http://www.ironcladminiatures.co.uk/ourshop/prod_1020491-Steam12.html)  and a small Martian Cloudship (http://www.ironcladminiatures.co.uk/ourshop/prod_3335714-Steam18.html).

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

Cross-over Miniature in the US makes large laser-cut MDF Aeroneffs and Cloudships (http://crossoverminiatures.com/product-category/airships/) and even has a Kickstarter for a Zeppelin.


We did a trial run of a GASLIGHT game to be run at the Southern Front Con in Raleigh, NC 08OCT2016.

As our story opens things have gotten out of hand again on Venus with the 1919 Reptophibian Mutiny. A stalwart band of Ambassadors and hangers-on are making their way to the smoke the peace-pipe with the Boggard shaman leadership when the war-dance calls the Reptophibians to toss out the oppressors and have someone for lunch.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

A flight of Pterodactyls downs the Zeppelin of Count Lugo von Liftuppen, but his neice Graffa Hilda von Highchest has time to launch her Fokker Dr.1 before the crash. On foot the Count and his Zeppelin Troopen make way to aid the Ambassador.

Ex-patriate Chinese Warlord General Chun King rumbles upon the Board with his Red Dragon Army atop the back of the fierce Red Steam Dragon hope to make hay while the imperialist colonial powers are in disarray.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

Captain Chester Puller leads his band of Embassy Guards and a war surplus FT-17 tank into the fray.  In the skies above the US Navy attempts an aerial rescue with the USS Aberdeen (an Aeroneff Destroyer) and two Scout Aeroneffs (SA-1 and SA-2).

It was at this point that things got out of hand.

A Wandering T-Rex  plays fetch with the Fokker!

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

She crashed into the SD-1 throwing the rescued civilians into the bush.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

The T-Rex charged the Steam Dragon.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus

Then, just as SD-1 was making steam and getting underway again, the Dino King (a Therizinosaurus) arrived.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus


A deadly melee swirled between Lizardmen and Humans with much carnage and gore; the Marines and Zeppelin Troopen stagger away from massive casualties towards the landing Aeroneffs.

GASLIGHT battle on Venus


At last, the Navy got their act together and rescued the Ambassador and Lady Ambassador, the Marine Officers, Count Liftuppen and his niece, and the Warlord army.  Everyone else ends up as Reptophibian poop!

GASLIGHT battle on Venus


More photos to be seen at https://flic.kr/s/aHskHCXTMi







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