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WWII – Painting the Panzer Lehr 18OCT2016

I have slowly amassed a large number of WWII minis and vehicles, but had never found a set of late war Germans that interested me until I learned about the intriguing Panzer Lehr.  This unit was very well equipped, fought in … Continue reading

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WWII – Breakout at Saint Lo – Bolt Action – 15OCT2016

Got to play the 2nd Edition of Warlord’s Bolt Action game this weekend. The game focused on the action in and around St. Lo during the allied break-out from Normandy. This was the first time, my Panzer Lehr minis have … Continue reading

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VSF – Mutiny on Venus – 24SEP2016

It has been a long while since my last post, but the summer has been one of busy gaming and generally enjoying the hobby of planning, collecting, building, and painting armies.  More on that later, but for the present lets … Continue reading

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25mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Vehicles, and Gaming – links updated 09JUN2016

UPDATE:  I am going back through my blog entries fixing links and photos as well as editing things with new information as it becomes relevant. ————————————————————————- I am not on the 15mm bandwagon. I love 25mm miniatures – the one true … Continue reading

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Building Card Models – Too Easy! 24MAY2016

Card Models offer an unexpected level of coolness. These were both easy and quick to build. A mix of commercial and free. The big ship is “First Light” with its cute little utility boat from WorldWorks. Way cool! FirstLight freighter … Continue reading

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DF Scottish Castle 06APR2016

I have been building castles with Dwarven Forge’s City Builder System (CBS) since I received them in early January. This time I thought I would see what I could do with a historical castle in the Norman style to help … Continue reading

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Dwarven Forge Castles II 17MAR2016

Following up from the previous blog entry, Dwarven Forge has kicked off their fourth Kickstarter (KS4) whose focus is castles (DF Castle Kickstarter – ends March 30th!).  So far they have pledge levels available that include a small gatehouse, a … Continue reading

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