LOTR: Battle of Howling Wolves 28DEC2011

Battle of Howling Wolves

Following the defeat of Sauron, not all bad things were utterly defeated and it took years to upright the good old world. Prince Faramir and Gimli teamed to root out wandering bands of marauders until far and wide all was clear. In this battle, a doughty band of Dwarves and a few Rangers contest a snowy village from the grips of evil.

Good Forces:

Khazad Guard 7X
Dwarf Banner
Dwarven Two Handed Ax Dwarf Warriors 10X
Dwarven Ax and Shield 9X
Dwarven Bow 12X
Rangers of Gondor 3X


Not so Good Forces:

Golfimbul Orc Chieftain and 10 Orc Spear-men on Wargs
Orc Shaman, Orc Banner, and 9 Orc Archers on Wargs
6 Orc Swordsmen on Wargs
10 Orc Spear or Glaive Foot
10 Orc Sword and Shield Foot

Warg horde

The Dwarfs advanced up the Southern Road. Khazad Guard and Gimli in the lead, flanked by 5 archers per side. Followed by Dwarves with Shield and Ax who were trailed by huscarls with two-handed axes. Up the west flank, two archer scouts climbed the watchtower to espy the threat while the Rangers moved up the east flank.


The orcs split into three forces, with Golfimbul flanking the east of the village through the rolling forest, the Shaman headed down the street behind the infantry, and a small contingent of six Wargs flanking the west side of the village.

Eastern Flank:

The Rangers took position in a clump of trees (impassable to Warg riders) and fruitlessly wasted two rounds of bow fire. With the Wargs closing, the Rangers fled back to town making their way to a low knoll. Fortunately the huscarls charged to their aid. It was nip and tuck as the Wargs charged to melee. Golfimbul charged bold Faramir and he fought like a titan to hold off the slathering Warg. The Wargs killed two Rangers and two Dwarves – it looked grim for the forces on the flank, but Faramir survived to call a Heroic charge the following turn. Faramir charged into Golfimbul and slew him with two mighty thrusts. Damrod and a dwarf killed a Warg and the huscarls axes were befouled with goblin entrails. Suddenly only four Wargs remained. Damrod raced from the battle to the center column while Faramir and Dwarves repeatedly charged the remaining Wargs until they stood alone panting in the snow.

Western Flank:

The Wargs rode hard down the western flank hoping to entrap the Dwarven rear. All that stood in their way were the two doughty dwarf scouts. With sturdy bow, the Dwarfs dropped two of the Warg riders and drew steel for Melee. Before these stalwart Dwarves fell, only three Wargs were able to turn the flank and charged the rear of the dwarf column to be met by Dwarves with Shield and Ax These mighty warriors held off the Wargs until they withdrew back to their foul dens fully slaked with dwarf blood.


The Dwarf bow shot and shot, but only killed one Orc The infantry forces closed and the Dwarven axes hewed. The Wargs charged to kill entrapped Dwarves, but mighty Gimli held the day. The Wargs withdrew and the Dwarves charged the Orc foot to slay them. The Wargs charged again and took more Dwarves with them, but did not break the steel line. At this point, Damrod arrived (the only hero with a Might point left) who lead a final Heroic Move to charge the Wargs. This upset their evil plans. The mighty Shaman beat back the combined attacks of Gimli and Damrod, before calling for a retreat.

Butchers Bill:

Good lost 14 of 45
Rangers – 2
Dwarves – 12

Evil lost 28 of 48
Warg Riders – 19
Orc Foot – 8 (including 3 that routed due to courage checks)

Game Notes:

Dwarves with shields are killing machines. Not one fell in battle. Dwarves with two-handed axes are fierce but die much easier. Dwarf archers are deadly in melee and good skirmishers.

Warg riders should have at least one Captain per six or seven Warg riders in order to be able to use Heroic movement to best effect.

Rangers are not very good shots. This explains a lot of Osgiliath! 😉


The game was played on a white sheet with some trees from Lemax and Battlefield Terrain Concepts (BTC). The hills are from War Zone. The buildings are mix from EM-4 (the inn and large shingled buildings), watch towers (For the Teeming Masses E-bay), JR Miniatures (stone cottage, smithy, round house, green shingled, yellow thatched house) Conflix smithy, and various home-made buildings and structures. A little BTC snow completes the scene.

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2 Responses to LOTR: Battle of Howling Wolves 28DEC2011

  1. Sheriff Lee says:

    Great Game and very nice terrain. Instead of taking Warg-rider with bows, I always take Warg-riders with throwing weapons, they shoot better and if you are lucky you can get an extra attack.

  2. religon says:

    Looks like a fun game. Great winter terrain!

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