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LOTR: Pink Elephants on Parade 08FEB2014

Dance of the Oliphaunts At a time when Sauron was yet a distant worry and men were still young, there arose a fierce chieftain, Eorl,¬†upon the grass lands near the Isen. He led his people to glory and in turn … Continue reading

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LOTR: Dancing Oliphaunts – 12OCT2012

Southern Front 2012 started out with my game:¬† Oliphaunt Dance.   A tag-team duo of pachyderms to be hired out to the Serpent King and Khamul the Easterling. Good rohan chief Eorl (future king) aims to spoil their day. It … Continue reading

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LOTR: Battle of Pelennor Fields – LOTR Lunacy

Lunacy That’s right sheer and utter lunacy. Ravings of a deranged mind. Madness I say. Had I been out in the Sun too long? Undoubtedly! Let’s look back at the history of the psychosis. A perfectly stable young man casually … Continue reading

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LOTR: Dark Lord’s Muster 21JUL2011

My favorite game is the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. That said, this year’s big project is preparing for a double game to be held in Raleigh at Southern Front: (1) Osgiliath & (2) Pellenor Fields. … Continue reading

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