LOTR: Dancing Oliphaunts – 12OCT2012

Southern Front 2012 started out with my game:  Oliphaunt Dance.

A ruddy pachyderm...


A tag-team duo of pachyderms to be hired out to the Serpent King and Khamul the Easterling.

Purple haze...

Good rohan chief Eorl (future king) aims to spoil their day.

It did not go so well.  The big red boy was almost driven off the board, but the purple fellow squished many a rider and final routed Chief Eorl.  He fled in dishonor.

Slideshow:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/9975128@N05/sets/72157631777905202/show/

The game was played with my standard set of LOTR SBG Con rules (no banners, only heros are placed as foot models when their mount is killed, only heros can shield, and arrow are always shot at the nearest opponent).  We played to a decisive conclusion in about 8 turns.   The good news it was nip and tuck until the last turn.  At the end of turn 7, the opposing goody-goody captains ran out of might or were stomped.  With the last turn Evil seized the initiative and the Mumaks killed all in sight.  Of course Eorl was no longer in sight since he failed his courage check with a pair of ones and was last seen headed to the field of Celebrant.  Pretty hard on the horsey-types.  Interestingly Khamul and the Serpent King mostly just hung back as reserves.




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2 Responses to LOTR: Dancing Oliphaunts – 12OCT2012

  1. religon says:

    Too bad I had to miss it. Hope to get in some LOTR in the spring.

    • lostpict says:

      Next time, there are always more Rohirrim to stomp. 😉

      None of the regulars made it. This time was Kyle, Cade, Mike, and Bruce. I think they mostly humored me since I had driven all that way and put on a game! Two or three ringers told me later that they had missed out by a couple of hours. Brian wants to do a big game at SF.

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