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Dust 1947 – Achtung, Panzer! 28JUNE2018

I have loved comic book style WWII and uber-weaponized stories since I was a kid.  When DUST came out, my friend bought one of the fully painted versions and I was intrigued, but not hooked.  A few years later, I … Continue reading

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Star Wars Legion: A Visit to the Forest Moon of Endor 13JUN2018

Its been long while since I updated the blog, but gaming has proceeded apace.  I have my Star Wars mojo going with the release of Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion game.  I had tried to dodge it like a … Continue reading

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Analyzing Logarithmic Ranges for Tabletop Games 23OCT2016

I have heard about games and seen some discussions on using Logarithmic Scaling for ground scales to compress the ranges so that long range weapon platforms (notably artillery or tank guns) can be used on the same gaming board with … Continue reading

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Big Stompy Mech Battle – 23JUL2016

I have been fascinated by large, dangerous AFVs ever since I played OGRE and read the Bolo series. Of course a 28mm OGRE battle is probably too large for even me to contemplate (although a do have a platoon of … Continue reading

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WWII – Painting the Panzer Lehr 18OCT2016

I have slowly amassed a large number of WWII minis and vehicles, but had never found a set of late war Germans that interested me until I learned about the intriguing Panzer Lehr.  This unit was very well equipped, fought in … Continue reading

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WWII – Breakout at Saint Lo – Bolt Action – 15OCT2016

Got to play the 2nd Edition of Warlord’s Bolt Action game this weekend. The game focused on the action in and around St. Lo during the allied break-out from Normandy. This was the first time, my Panzer Lehr minis have … Continue reading

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VSF – Mutiny on Venus – 24SEP2016

It has been a long while since my last post, but the summer has been one of busy gaming and generally enjoying the hobby of planning, collecting, building, and painting armies.  More on that later, but for the present lets … Continue reading

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