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Building Card Models – Too Easy! 24MAY2016

Card Models offer an unexpected level of coolness. These were both easy and quick to build. A mix of commercial and free. The big ship is “First Light” with its cute little utility boat from WorldWorks. Way cool! FirstLight freighter … Continue reading

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Star Wars: 54mm Minis – 31DEC2014

 The last thing I needed was another scale, especially for things that I already had in 28mm. Oh well, life happens while you are making other plans! Going back a few years, I wanted to run a series of Star … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Death of Darth Kringle 29DEC2013

Our story thus far…. In a galaxy far, far away there once lived a dark lord of the Sith.  Darth Kringle!  He betrayed his master and was forced to flee after he stole the magic corn that could make herbivores … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Rumors and Innuendo

Last night my game club ran a Star Wars game using a highly modified version of FUBAR called STARFU.  Here is an AAR with pictures. Flickr Photo Log: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjuRtBVv Star Wars gaming using highly modified FUBAR rules (rechristened STARFU to … Continue reading

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