Star Wars: Rumors and Innuendo

Last night my game club ran a Star Wars game using a highly modified version of FUBAR called STARFU.  Here is an AAR with pictures.

Flickr Photo Log:

Star Wars gaming using highly modified FUBAR rules (rechristened STARFU to distinguish it from J. Hodson’s SW FUBAR rules)

The Scenario:

Shortly after Luke and Ben leave Tatooine, Vader sends the Imperial Inquisition to root out any rebellion opposition. He suspects that Princess Leia was trying to reach Rebels located in Mos Eisley. The Inquisitor is accompanied by Vader’s apprentice. The Inquisition controls 5 platoons of Stormtroopers and a Naval Trooper platoon. In addition, the local Imperial Garrison commander has 2 platoons of Sandtroopers (with a pair of AT-ST, 6 bantha riders, and 4 scouts on Speeders).

The forces deploy in a dragnet and attempt to root out any rebels.

Objective: Locate and destroy the Rebels

Outcome: Imperials indiscriminately killed a number of civilians, rooted out the rebels, and mostly obliterated the rebels when we called the game. Well Done!

Gambit – Each Platoon leader can Interrogate one civilian per turn by rolling expertise. Civilians are evenly divided into attitudes: amiable, cautious, and hostile. Additionally, each civilian has his loyalty indicated: Imperial Loyalists, Rebel Sympathizers, Preps, or actual Rebels of various ilk. A chit is placed next to the civilian indicating Attitude with the Loyalty marked on the underside.

If interrogated, Amiable immediately provide a piece of information, Cautious provide info on success, and Hostile provide info on success at -2 DM. The info is written on a index carried and passed to the player. It includes rumors, innuendo, and the truth. The Info is then passed to the Inquisitor for further review. To verify the info, the civilian may be arrested (expertise check) and transported to the inquisition or Further Questioning can be directly attempted (Amiable -> Cautious and Cautious -> Hostile). Further Questioning can verify previous info, request additional info, or determine Loyalty of the civilian. If Arrested and taken to the Inquisitor, he can use his particular skills to more effectively extract info. Naturally, when a failure occurs when attempting to interrogate or arrest the hostile civilian is liable react badly if he is an actual Perp or Rebel.


Rebels have a secret base in the abandoned Droid factory and have been using the guise of Sand People to freely move materials and supplies through the spaceport.

There is also a cabal of Wookie smugglers that have been selling them munitions from a hidden cache in Shanty Town.

A set of Bothan assassins are waiting for the right opportunity to hit the local Garrison commander.

The Garrison commander is on payroll of Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba is not part of the rebellion, but runs the local crime syndicate. He has been hiring Bounty Hunters to rub-out his enemies.

Lando Calrissian has been manufacturing guns on Bespin and smuggling them to the Wookies. He is here to renegotiate terms.

Bossk and 4-LOM hope to do in Boba Fett.

May the Force Be With You

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