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LOTR: Another Bitter Winter – 25JAN2014

The recent chilly weather put my Wargs in the mood for hobbit…. As our story opens, dawn rises on the small Hamlet of Greenedge, a quiet settlement on the northern¬†frontier of the Shire with humans living on the west Side … Continue reading

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LOTR Painting the Southern Watches – Rohan, Harad, Easterlings, Orcs, Trolls, Wargs 29DEC2013

These painting posts are more about a place for me to store my paint schemes and keep track of what I have battle-ready than as a set of recommendations on how to paint minis. I suspect most that read this … Continue reading

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LOTR: Isengard revisted 03AUG2013

Welcome back to Little Men.¬† I had a bit of a gaming hiatus and then the 6-Sided blog went casters up.¬† Time to get back at it. Our heroes return to Isengard for another go at rousting Saruman… The game … Continue reading

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