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Painting DUST 1947 Infantry and Allied Walkers 22AUG2018

After the big push for my Star Wars Endor game, this lad’s attention turned to Dust. Previously, I shared photos of my first five Axis walkers ( Next, I focused on mustering the Axis Sturm Grenadiers, Allied Rangers, and Allied … Continue reading

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Analyzing Logarithmic Ranges for Tabletop Games 23OCT2016

I have heard about games and seen some discussions on using Logarithmic Scaling for ground scales to compress the ranges so that long range weapon platforms (notably artillery or tank guns) can be used on the same gaming board with … Continue reading

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25mm Battletech – Bring on the Mechs 01JUN2016

Bring on the Mechs! From the way-back machine, nearly 9 years ago on a planet far, far away….. That long gone afternoon’s skirmish was a nice StarGrunt furball in a desert village on Watchmacallit IV. The firefight engaged a Steiner … Continue reading

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