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LOTR: Isengard revisted 03AUG2013

Welcome back to Little Men.  I had a bit of a gaming hiatus and then the 6-Sided blog went casters up.  Time to get back at it. Our heroes return to Isengard for another go at rousting Saruman… The game … Continue reading

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LOTR: The Two Towers 27MAR2013

Just a quick post about an awesome tower from Angry Badger. Followers of this blog have probably seen the nice ceramic tower I bought from Monolith Icon in Poland which was featured in a recent Isengard game and a GnomeWars … Continue reading

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LOTR: Battle of Isengard 09MAR2013

The Trouble with being Hasty…   As our scene opens, the mighty Treebeard stands 18″ (3 turns) from the walls of Isengard.  Dear Meriadoc and weed-befuddled Pippin sit ready on his limbs with stones to hand.  Three short strides and … Continue reading

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LOTR: Build me an Army worthy of Mordor – 06DEC2012

I have to admit that the new GW Hobbit wave and the imminent movie release have me percolating at a greater rate than normal for more Middle Earth adventures. I own much unpainted lead (not too much unpainted plastic) from … Continue reading

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