LOTR: The Two Towers 27MAR2013

Just a quick post about an awesome tower from Angry Badger.

Followers of this blog have probably seen the nice ceramic tower I bought from Monolith Icon in Poland which was featured in a recent Isengard game and a GnomeWars game.  It is very, very nice.

You have also noticed the very nice platforms made by  Angry Badger.  While exploring the Angry Badger site I found two other cool things that probably interest Fantasy fans.  One is a modular dwarven tunnel set and the other is a very nice tower.  If you check out his site, you can see these things plus his Sci-Fi stuff.

I ordered the tower the same time as I ordered the platforms.  Pretty much on a whim since I already had the other tower.  Glad I did, it is very nice.  Here are my two gems for a size comparison:

Angry Badger left & Monolith Icon right

The Angry Badger product is laser cut MDF.  It literally took me an hour to paint and build it.  I sprayed it with my standard Krylon gray primer and then drybrushed the bricks with Delta Ceramcoat Hippo Gray.  Done.

removable wall (rear)

You can build this model with out any glue and then completely disassemble after your game. I am a clumsy gamer and need things to be very secure when I executedmy ham-fisted die rolls.  I decided to glue 5 sides of it and left the rear as removable.  You literally just need a little glue in a few strategic places and it is good to go.  If I do it again, I will leave the front and back as removable.

This tower  is 15″ tall and as you can see, it has a ground level, 3 internal floors, and top battlement.  It would be a great wizards tower for any self-respecting Istari or aspiring evil Lord.

I am contemplating buying a second to use as part of the Morannon gate.

What is also very nice about this tower is that it is very inexpensive.  So cheap that I blush to publish the amount in my blog.  So check it out at the Angry Badger site and you can soon be dominating your enemies.

Happy Gaming!

P.S. If you are new to my blog, the game mat is Zuzzy.



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