LOTR: Build me an Army worthy of Mordor – 06DEC2012

I have to admit that the new GW Hobbit wave and the imminent movie release have me percolating at a greater rate than normal for more Middle Earth adventures.

I own much unpainted lead (not too much unpainted plastic) from the first trilogy.  The first things I painted were the Fighting Uruk Hai.  Hard to believe it has been ten years since I painted the force (Saruman, 91 Uruks, and 52 Wargs riders).  I have about this much more unpainted and started dipping the brush into my Dark Flesh paint pot to start again tonight.    These lads have only played “away games” set in Rohan, but with my shiny new black tower, Isengard can now be more properly defended.

First up, I had recently acquired the Chaos Keep Tower Kit all the way from Monolith Icon in Poland (http://www.monolith-icon.eu/store/index.php?products=product&prod_id=84).  This tower is a ceramic slip casting that comes in two tower sections and a set of spires.  It is an awesome 20 inches tall with about a six inch diameter base soaring to a nice panoramic platform.  Can you say Orthanc?  I glued it together after pinning the various pieces with some sturdy epoxy.  Care must be taken since it is brittle ceramic.  I sprayed it with several coats of black auto primer, masked off the wood bits, and gave it several coats of shining, black hammered-metal spray paint.  My wife says it looks like a black widow.  I then ever so slightly dry-brushed the raised areas it with GW gray paints  to add some subtle highlights and painted the minimal amount of wood and metal bits.  I plan to build it a nice base to raise it up a bit more and blend it to my game mat.

Preparing for Mordor, scorched earth Isengard, and goblin caverns, I bought the Zuzzy Despoiled Reaches Terra-Flex™ Flexible Terrain System
Sulfur Fields Gaming Mat (http://www.zuzzy.com/dr-tf-001_terra_flex_gaming_mat.html)  and a bunch of sulfur and limestone features.  I need to paint it, but it is gameable as just bare gray.  It is very flexible and very nice.  I hope to get it painted over Christmas holidays (along with all the 3-D features and base for Orthanc).

So Saruman has some digs and I already have a sizable painted Isengard army:  slideshow

Of course we know what the Riders of Rohan and the Ents are going to do.  So, to stay in business, Saruman “of the not so many colors” has to get a new gig.  So out from my studio out popped Sharky, Worm, 12 GW Ruffians, and some lads from my Robin Hood project.  So far I have 10 of these painted and soon will have more.  I also figure that a misplace Dunlander Wildman, an orc or two, and even a warg can supplement the force.  For Bill Ferny I painted up a great mini from e-Bob (http://www.ebobminiatures.com/products/fantasy.htm#1).

Here is a little taste the next blog entry, “Scouring, scouring here we go we, Mordor’s Bells are ringing”:

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