LOTR: Dark Lord’s Muster 21JUL2011

My favorite game is the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. That said, this year’s big project is preparing for a double game to be held in Raleigh at Southern Front: (1) Osgiliath & (2) Pellenor Fields.

It is time to muster the Forces of the Dark Lord (or at least my bit):

Ring Wraiths and Fell Beasts:

9 Black Riders and 5 Fell Beasts

An Irresistable Force of Evil

Mordor Orcs and Morgul Stalkers:

48 Filthy Orcs and 12 Scouts

Filthy Orcs

Morannon Orcs:

48 Heavy Infantry

Morannon Orcs

Mordor Uruk-Hai:

40 Heavy Infantry

Mordor Uruk Hai

Wargs & Riders:

12 Wargs, 17 Wild Wolves, and 40 Warg Riders

Warg Chieftain and Wargs

Warg Riders


64 Infantry and 18 Raiders and 3 Mumaks

Haradrim - Mumak, Infantry, and Raiders,


24 Phalanx and 12 Kataphract

Easterling Phalanx

Morgul Knights:

Mouth of Sauron, 11 Mounted Knights and 9 Foot Knights

Morgul Knights

Trolls and Siege Train:

7 Mountain and 2 Cave Trolls
2 Catapults and 2 Siege Bows

Troll Brutes

Sound the Charge Boys! Lots more to paint!

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