LOTR: Rammas Wall 31MAY2014

The long neglected Rammas Wall was the site of our battle.  A few years before the events in the LOTR, the Steward Denethor finally started to repair the ruined outer defenses as the forces of Mordor started to probe the failing kingdom.  Wise Gandalf led Denethor’s sons, Faramir and Boromir, to the wall to assess the preparations of the Gondorian engineers.  Meanwhile, Prince Imrahil arranged to rendezvous with him as his retinue left the capital to make his way back to Dol Amroth.  The Prince hurried on his way as reports from scouts that a force of orcs with siege equipment were in the area.

1` Quarterback Sack

As our game opened, the Minas Tirith forces had deployed as follows.  Minas Tirith archers manned the walls; Boromir prepared a hasty barricade in the main wall breach and stood watch.  Faramir had lead a small scouting force of knights out on patrol and the rangers lay in wait in deep cover to each side of the wall. 

01 Rammas

The fell forces advance towards the wall in a broad front.  Skullie’s Skinners (Morannon Orcs) worked to flank the left wall.  Shagrat’s Lads (Mordor Uruk-Hai) forced the right flank.  Up the middle of the battlefield charged a huge Troll Chieftain with four snarling trolls, a horde of filthy Orcs, and the Great Best of Gorgoroth.

02 Advancing Column

Withering Ballista greeted the onslaught and quickly felled the Troll Chieftain and another troll with bolts through their scaly hide.  With the horde nearing, the bolt throwers combined fire and a few lucky die rolls to blunt the Orc advance with a murderous fusillade. However, the defense fell short as the lumbering Great Beast blasted apart the barricade and two trolls breached the center. Faramir then launched his attack as his small scouting force cantered onto the board and into the rear of the orcs throwing them into local disarray.

10 Patrol

Morannon and Mordor Uruk-Hai tried to swarm the walls, but had a very difficult go.  To the right, Hawk the Brayer boasted that he would eject Shagrat from the walls, but his pride was misplaced and he was soon tossed from the wall like a bag of manure.  Shagrat beat his chest and Hawk ran to cover.  In time the left flank failed as the brave rangers were eroded into bloody paste. 

05 Charge

Tearing around the right flank, the Nazgul and the Morgul Knights threatened to blow through Imrahil.  But the mighty Swan Knights held the line slowly trading their lives for territory until the foot knights could arrive.

03 Swan Knights of Dol Amroth 

As the sun settled on our battlefield, each side had lost a third of its forces and evil held the dominant battle positions, but since good is likely to win close battles (due to higher courage), we decided it was draw. 

12 Chugga-Rumblers

It was a really fun game, ably played by both generals.  No mistakes were made by either side and it could have gone either way. 

08 Envelopement

The morale of the story is that countries should use their peace dividends to buy tanks!


Forces of Good

Gandalf the Gray

  • Minas Tirith:

o   Boromir, Captain of Gondor
o   Faramir, Captain of Gondor
o   Hawk the Brayer, B-Movie actor
o   3 Minas Tirith Captains and 36 Warriors of Minas Tirith
o   4 Avenger Bolt Thrower and 8 Crewmen

  • Dol Amroth:

o   Prince Imrahil
o   Mounted Swan Knight Captain and 5 mounted Swan Knights
o   2 Swan Knight Captains and 36 foot Swan Knight Foot

  • Rangers:

o   Duinhir the Lord of Morthond
o   Madril – ranger Captain
o   Damrod – ranger Captain
o   32 Gondor Rangers

Forces of Darkness

  • Mordor:

o   Ring Wraith
o   Mouth of Sauron
o   Dark Marshall and 10 Morgul Knights
o   Engineer Captain
o   Troll Chieftain and 4 trolls
o   Great Beast of Gorgoroth with 9 archers
o   8 archers on the ram
o   3 Orc Captains and 36 Mordor Orcs        

  • Cirith Ungol

o   Shagrat
o   Shaman
o   Mordor Uruk-Hai Captain and 36 Mordor Uruk-Hai

  • Morannon:

o   Skullie
o   Shaman
o   Morannon plus 36 Morannon Orcs


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14 Responses to LOTR: Rammas Wall 31MAY2014

  1. Scott Bowman says:

    Super job, thanks for sharing. I’ve always fancied doing a battle for the Rammas and have just got some wall sections of MT that I can expand upon… I am guessing the Mordor catapults were round the wrong way as they were being towed enroute towards Minas Tirith?

  2. Joe McCullough says:

    Really great battle report!

  3. Robert says:

    Really inspiring images. Nice AAR also. Lovely terrain.

  4. Scott says:

    Hey lostpict, if you want another LOTR player then I’m your guy. I just moved to Waldorf. Give me a yell at tgunner_91@yahoo. Com. I have at lot of experience with the game and a small but growing collection.

  5. John says:

    I’ve enjoyed conversing with you on TMP. I look forward to meeting up some time. John “firstvarty1979”

      • John says:

        We don’t have a lot of figures (well, as many as you), but I think the ones we do have look pretty good. The two guys are started it with are both very good painters, and I think I do a pretty good job too! We try to make our terrain as “realistic” looking as much as possible. We haven’t tried any distinctive terrain from the books/movies as of yet, but no doubt we will in the future!

  6. lostpictold says:

    Well I think the ones from your pictures look superb! I go for quantity over quality aiming at the adage that quantity has a quality of its own. We will be able to put on some smashing looking games – that’s for sure.

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