LOTR: Miscellania 26APR2012

Just back from Spring Fever in Raleigh to see me mates.

I had a great time and played in 9 games! A Cimmerian versus Shem game with Command and Colors (loser), “Ruins of Arnor” (winner) and “Westfold Burning” (GM) using LOTR SBG, “Wreck of the Zephyrus” VSF Mars (I was the Brits – winner), “Sky Pirates of Mars” John Carter of Mars using Fantastic Worlds (winner), Munchkin Pirates (looser), 1/48th Scale Wings of Gnome Wars (burned alive!), Gnome Wars (draw), and a search for Robin Hood game (dead multiple times).

We kicked off the LOTR events Friday afternoon with a set of paired ruckuses using 300 Point Matched armies. I fielded Morgul Knights against Rohan Riders. My other buddies ran elves and dwarves against Orcs, Harad, and Black Numenoreans. We did this on a table I set up with my LOTR themed “white city” ruins – somewhere in Arnor (combat photog RELIGON on TMP):

On Sunday, we Burned the Westfold with a 3-pronged Warg rider raid of Palisaded Rohan village. Great fun. Pictures to be posted when available.

I also finally got around to taking some snaps of my collection of models that comprises Grond. The ram is from e-bay, the trolls and small Beast form Thomarillion, and GW makes the Great Beast of Gorgoroth. I need to dull-cote the ram and paint the Great Beast riders, but I am more or less ready to storm Minas Tirith

Come join us at Southern Front in the Fall!

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