LOTR: Cleansing Osgiliath – 12Oct2014

Catching back up on 2014 gaming in the New Year I still have few fall games to detail.

Today’s story is set at the end of the Battle of Pellenor Fields as the forces of Mordor retreat to Osgiliath’s quays.

The game opened with a Ring Wraith leading his cavalry through the ruined walls of Osgiliath while running pell-mell from the White Rider, Prince Imrahil, and the Chivalry of Dol Amroth.  Bedlam ensues as the Riders cross paths with late arriving reinforcements from the Morannon, Cirith Ungol, and Minas Morgul.  The numerically larger evil forces are trapped by a flank thrust of Rohirrim led by a revenge seeking wrath-filled King Eomer.  All that stands between the boats are the paltry forces of the Gray Company disembarking pier side.  Lots of havoc and chaos envelope each side as the city ruins funnel the armies into death’s grip.



Eomer and his Knights roar into the fray filleting orcs with abandon, but his less skilled riders are hewn from their saddles by Isengard’s southron cousins the Mordor Uruk-hai


Rohirrim charge Shagrat’s Mordor Uruk-Hai

Glamdring danced a swirling sword song as the White Rider hurtled repeatedly unto the horns of a berserk Great Beast of Gorgoroth.


Great Beast of Gorgoroth dominates the fray

Like a sports highlights reel, Prince Imrahil blasts a hole through the Morgue Knights skirmish line while vanquishing Khamul the Ring Wraith and wreaking destruction in the rear.


Mailed fists strike thundering blows- Swan Knights of Dol Amroth collide with fell Morgul Knights

Closer to the river, the fusillade of Ranger arrows recalls Agincourt as Morannon Orcs and Easterling foot are pinioned with gray gulls.


Easterling Phalanx and Morannon Orcs – March and Die!

Blood spattered statues and gore strewn rubble witnessed the grinding death of Armies deadlocked in ruin.  However,  as light failed so did the courage of Mordor and the evil minions melted into the ruin to fight another day.

More pictures:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/9975128@N05/sets/72157646677684033/

As usual – lots of fun!

Order of Battle – 119 Minis

  • Last of the Fellowship
    • Gandalf the White Rider
    • Peregrin Took – Guard of the Citadel with Pony
    • 7 Knights of Minas Tirith
  • Rohan’s Wrath
    • Eomer – Knight of the Pelennor
    • Erkenbrand – Captain of Rohan
    • Captain of Rohan
    • 9 Rohan Royal Guard
    • 24 Riders of Rohan
  • Dol Amroth
    • Prince Imhrahil
    • 4 Captains of Dol Amrorth (1 Mounted and 3 Foot)
    • 8 Mounted Swan Knights of Dol Amroth
    • 24 Foot Swan Knights of Dol Amroth
  • Gray Company
    • Aragorn
    • Elladan and Elrohir
    • Legolas
    • Gimili
    • Captain of Arnor
    • 24 Rangers of Arnor
    • 6 Dunedain

Evil Order of Battle – 144 minis

  • Khamul’s Guard:
    • Khamul the Easterling
    • 11 Morgul Knights
  • Amdur’s Phalanx (Easterlings):
    • Amdur – Lord of Blades
    • 2 Easterling Captains
    • 12 Black Dragon Easterling Swordsmen
    • 20 Black Dragon Easterling Phalanx
  • Shagrat’s Lads (Mordor Uruk Hai):
    • Shagrat – Warleader of Cirith Ungol
    • 2 Mordor Uruk-Hai Captains
    • 1 Orc Captain
    • 36 Mordor Uruk-Hai Warroiors
  • Skullies Skullsplitters (Morannon and Common Orcs):
    • 3 Morannon Orc Captains
    • 36 Morannon Orc
    • 2 Orc Captains
    • 6 Orc Warriors
    • Great Beast of Gorgoroth with 9 archers

Reinforcements that did not make it:

  • Garluk’s Racers (Warg Riders) – 36 minis
    • 3 Orc Captains on Warg
    • 11 Warg Riders with Bow
    • 22 War Riders
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5 Responses to LOTR: Cleansing Osgiliath – 12Oct2014

  1. F.C.B 2005 says:

    You wouldn’t be interested in selling any of those Dol Amroth Knights would you? (The ones on foot)

    • lostpictold says:

      We are getting ready to start a WOTR campaign (the Defense of Gondor) and I am playing the Fiefdom faction (Aragorn & the Gray Company, Prince Imrahil and the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth, Pelegir, Black Vale Archers, Lossarnach Axemen, Clansmen of Lamedon, and Dead Men of Dun Harrow). I had plenty of the SKODA, but needed to buy some of the other factions. As such, I am indeed interested in selling some of the extra SKODA foot.

      How many are you trying to buy?

  2. F.C.B 2005 says:

    Hello again, are you still interested in selling any of your SKODA models?

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