Hammers Slammers (HS) at Spring Fever in Raleigh NC.

Hammers Slammers (HS) game at the Spring Fever game convention in Raleigh NC. Photo Log:

This game used the old school Hammers Slammers from GZG (prior to the official release of HS from Old Crow – that is New Anglian Confederation Infantry on Skimmers, Jeeps, and Combat Cars.  The blower tanks are the DEIMOS hover tanks from GZG). I like these better than the official minis. More of like these can be seen on the London Warlords – Rolling Hot website.

The slammers opponents were the indigs from Watchmacallit IV.  Two factions – the Islamic Patriot Front (IPF) and the Royal Horse Guard (RHG). Scenario – RHG seized the Emir in a coup and is storing him at the extreme northern end of the table in the Naval base awaiting imminent aero-transport.  IPF are insurgents that have allied themselves with the RHG for the coup.  HS objective free the Emir by force of arms.

AAR: The HS were not especially brave and bold – they took a very cautious approach – which lead to their demise.  Major Stueben ducked his Combat Car into the first convenient alley on the board and conducted combat operations in the rear. The tanks choose to slowly maneuver through the buildings along the right flank and bogged down in rough terrain. The infantry and jeeps lingered in a traffic jam near the board edge and ended up lagging the advancing forces.  The 5 fighting combat cars lead the charge with 2 up the middle and 3 up the right flank.

First blood for the Slammers  – they blew up an IPF Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)  that was waiting in ambush with a volley of tri-barrels fire from two combat cars.  Unfortunately, they lost the initiative (and caused a traffic jam)  when they paused to engage vice letting the infantry deal with it. Next turn, they took out a FAV on the left flank followed by one on the right flank.

Slammer 6 could not convince Stueben to ignore the FAVs and blow through the town.  So although they chewed up half the IPF infantry and 3 of 4 FAVs, they stayed in the sights of too many ambushing buzz bombs and ATGW FAO.  This also allowed the RHG cavalry to maneuver from cover to take the Combat Cars from the sides. This was the start of the Slammers hard day.

The lead combat car on the left flank was engaged by a light tank – it lost it’s trannie and bow gun (mission kill), the lead up the middle ducked to the side and had a RHG tank blow off his bow gun, and then the second car in the middle column was hit by a close assault of Fedayeen that dared the strip mines and blew it to pieces.  A pair of RHG Power Armor boys came out of hiding and surprised 4 TUs of infantry from behind.  They did no damage beyond a suppression or two, but it was enough to scatter the covey and make them useless to the cause.

In the meantime, the IPF kept hammering the tanks with ATGW and Buzz Bombs from ambush as the blowers lingered in the kill zone.  The lead Blower was taken out by a ATGW.  The shooter rolled 3 straight “6s” for his QR, AR, and DR!  Nothing but a crater.

At that point, the Slammers choose to withdraw realizing that they had over-reacted to a piddling threat and would not reach the objective in time to make a difference. Slammer 6 is considering whether to hang or just shoot Stueben…..

Minis: The minis are mostly GZG – the Slammers are the New Anglian Confederation and the Royal Horse Guard are the Islamic Federation with Eurasian Solar Union Power Armor suits.  The Royal Navy PA sentries (maybe not visible in the photos) are the Iron Wind Battletech Elementals.  Last the Islamic Patriot Front are the Mongoose Middle East Alliance.  The Slammers vehicles are all GZG, the RHG vehicles are Kyromek, and the IPF Fast Attack vehicles are from Marbeth. The buildings are a mix of Crescent Root and homemade “Mos Eisly” Styrofoam.

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