The Movie Cowboy Game

A few years back, I decided I wanted to play a miniatures game using cowboys.   I was on a long road trip (reserves again) and by the time I had reached the destination, I had developed the rules in my head.  I bought a deck of cards to test the concept and a few hours later The Movie Cowboy Game was born.  This game uses a card deck to resolve the priority, combat, and wounds.  No dice.  Minimal book-keeping and lots of fun.  If you are interested I will send you the rules.  In anycase, once I had rules, I needed Cowboys and place for them to fight.  The cowboys are easy to obtain from Old Glory, Blue Moon, Artizan, EM-4 Victorians, Foundry, Knuckleduster,  etc.  The terrain is a mix of Crescent Root, Old Glory, and JR Miniatures with some horses and cattle from ERTL.  Lots of fun.  Here is a recent game involving the a gang of unfortunate despardoes trying to foil a funeral:

Reach for the sky, pardoner.

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