25mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Vehicles, and Gaming – links updated 09JUN2016

UPDATE:  I am going back through my blog entries fixing links and photos as well as editing things with new information as it becomes relevant.


I am not on the 15mm bandwagon. I love 25mm miniatures – the one true scale! Seriously, a few years back I had to choose.

I had 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 1/56th, 1/48 and 30mm minis with a sore temptation to also venture into 40mm and 54mm. I decided that was too many scales since it translates into needing terrain in all and lots of duplication of effort. Time to consolidate – I settled upon 28mm as my target terrain scale and use any miniatures that look good with it. For the Sci-Fi stuff this mostly was a large collection of vintage 25mm lead minis bought for Traveller, legions of 30MM WOTC Star Wars, and a smattering of 28mm 21st century manufactured Sci-Fi minis. So the others all left as gifts to friends that had made other scale choices (scale freedom as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights). No regrets! Since then, 15mm Sci-Fi has made an impressive surge. I like what they look like in pictures, but in person and on the table, the exquisite level of the new sculpts is lost to me. Some like the fact that 15mm gives you more table real estate, but since my club and my personal gaming tables are 12′ x 6′ that is not a real issue. Added to that is the decreasingly effective, bifocal-bespectacled gamer that can not see to easily paint these Tiny Men. So the Little Men at my house don’t get much smaller than 25mm (two exceptions – one platoon of vintage Ral Partha Galactic Grenadiers and one BEF Rifle company of for early WWII FOW – update I ditched these too since 2011).

That said, here are some sources:

GZG: StarGrunt minis


Eureka: StarGrunt minis & vehicles


DaemonScape: 25mm GZG Vehicles


Stan Johansen: Star Armor minis & vehicles


HAD: Generic Sci-Fi Vehicles


REVIRESCO: Star Guard minis and vehicles


Denizen: Generic Sci-Fi minis



Iron Winds: Mech Warrior Kurita / Steiner / Elementals and Shadowrun minis (MechWarriors are in the Shadowrun list)


Old Crow Models: Hammers Slammers / Generic Sci-Fi vehicles,
minis and terrain – intermittently available – contact him by email before ordering


Baggage Train (Marbeth): Generic Sci-Fi minis and vehicles


Generic and OOP Traveller Sci-Fi minis – unfortunately gone, but Johnny Lauck has launched a KS based company that fills part of the void


Grendel: Sci-Fi terrain:


Scotia Grendel: KYROMEK minis and vehicles:


Gripping Beast: Woodbine Sci-Fi Marines


1st Corps (Curteys): Colonial Troopers


Shadowforge: Female Marines


Rebel Minis:  28mm Sci-Fi with Mongoose Games Starship Trooper Retreads:


Warlord Games – Beyond the Gates of Antares:


Antenocitis Workshop – generic and for Infinity


Pig Iron – generic 28mm men and machines:



The Official Hammers Slammers rules:


available at On Military Matters in the states: http://onmilitarymatters.com/pages/dfindex.php

FREE London Warlords (Rolling Hot):

http://www.salute.co.uk/slammers3/ – The Silent Death variant (which is pretty cool).

FREE StarGrunt II and Dirtside II Rules:


FREE Jon Tuffley’s “Slamming the Dirt” Hammers Slammers Dirtside rules variant:


FREE Fast and Dirty (FAD):


FREE Warriors of the Wasteland Rules (skank):


FREE Just Another Bug Hunt


Time to saddle up, boys!

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  1. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Glad i found you!! I feel the same.

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