25mm Battletech – Bring on the Mechs 01JUN2016

Bring on the Mechs!


From the way-back machine, nearly 9 years ago on a planet far, far away…..

That long gone afternoon’s skirmish was a nice StarGrunt furball in a desert village on Watchmacallit IV. The firefight engaged a Steiner Laser Rifle Platoon and Kurita Infantry Platoon.

Watchchamacallit IV - Saab Al Boor VI

The Steiners had moved Air Defense assets into the village and dug-in a bit during the day. Emplaced in the tallest dwelling in the ville were the LT, a Heavy Weapons squad, and the AD sensors. The AD van was backed up on the East side of ville and protected by an infantry squad. The Steiners had sent patrols out to the West, South, and North.

Steiner Heavy Weapons Squad

Approaching from the West was a Kurita leg infantry platoon. The Kuritas had two approaches from the desert into the ville through a pair of rocky passes.

Kurita Infantry Squad edges into Ville

The game opened as the Kuritas penetrated the perimeter and were engaged by the Steiner Heavy Weapons squad. The Kurita sought shelter in the nearest building while the rest of the platoon was whistled up on the net. The Steiners successfully recalled their western patrol who came down from the rocks into a strategic over-watch position. The Kurita HQ squad arrived in the ville and took shelter in a 2nd building. So far, so good.

Sensors trip and klaxons wail...

That is until the Kurita LT’s communications jammed and he failed to activate the remainder of his platoon. The Steiners had better luck and moved their remaining patrols in from the South and North ends of town. A long afternoon ensued for the Kuritas as the pinned down squads were enfiladed from 3 directions. By the third turn the Kuritas had brought a third squad on board, but their advance had stalled under the suppressing fire of Steiner heavy weapons.

The balance had clearly shifted to the Steiners when disaster struck. The Kurita LT was hit by random fire and instantly the Chain of Command disintegrated. The Senior NCO managed to get on the net, take the Conn, and bring the last Squad into action before buying the farm.

The Steiners on the North flank rolled the Kuritas with a close assault and the Kuritas hunkered down determined to complete their mission. Despite repeated attempts, suppressing fire foiled the Kurita attempts to engage the AD sensors with Recoilless rifle fire. Eventually, the brutal hammer of lasers wore down the Kuritas to the point of surrender. One squad made it off board and the balance surrendered with about 50% casualties.

Hats off to the Kurita commander, for his tenacious defense when the tactical options disintegrated. Both Kurita and Steiners succeeded at their primary objectives, but the Steiners will be talking about this one for a long time over a stein of beer.


Sensor Drone audio recording out-take, Whatchamacallit IV, Red Viper Battalion, RPV Squadron 2:

“Hey Bill – you still awake? I heard some scuttlebutt tonight that we will have a real treat for those slithering snakies if they show their heads again. Corporal says they’ll be back. I say bring it on! ’bout the last thing they will see is the muzzle of my weapon before they wake up in hell.


I hear that we have hired some PA mercs to stiffen the line in case any of their heavies show up. Not that we’ll ’em need around here. After that last scuffle, I don’t think the Kuritas have any stomach for a real fight. ‘course the Corporal don’t agree, but what does he know? That sawed-off runt! I bet he ain’t even old enough to drink. He thinks he knows such much. Heck he ain’t been in the Fist much longer than you or me. Just cause he made that jump on Callistra, he thinks he knows everything. And all that Teutonic crap has got to go. I earn my pay just like the rest of them. You and me may not have the right color hair or eyes, but I can sure shoot straight. Maybe he’d better just watch his back.


And another thing, I think the ole man worries too much about them sneaking through the lines. Heck, last time they barely made it into town before we starting sending them to hell. Hell, I don’t see what bothers folks so much about fighting. Those snakies couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.


So do you want a toke? Just you and me out here – the Corporal will never know….”

Flickr gallery – https://flic.kr/s/aHsjqJHgey



Heavies sighted. ETA…..

This was a follow-on to the previous scenario. The Steiners had a few more hours to dig in (more sand-bags), had moved their positions a bit, and had called in a 5-man Power Armor contingent of Clan Elementals.

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Remember that the Kurita were pasted last go-round, so the Snakies brought a MADCAT II mech with their platoon. So the game ended up being pretty much a draw. The MADCAT pranced into town and eventually tore the stuffings out of the Air Defense Van and its Missiles. The Steiners however only suffered 5 casualties (including two in the AD Van). This was much to the Kuritas misfortune who managed to bog down in the same buildings as the earlier assault. The Kuritas lost the command squad and Heavy Weapon Squad in one furious turn of Close Assault by the Clan Elementals and lost most of another squad to small arms fire.

KO PA suit - Merc crawling clear

As the MADCAT danced off the board (it takes infantry to hold a town even in the 31st century) the Steiners still held all their positions, the Kurita dragged off their wounded, and the Air Defense boys are rushing some more assets to Saab Al Boor.



  • Ral Partha Battletroops
    • Kurita Machine Gun Platoon
    • Steiner Laser Platoon
    • Clan Elementals (supporting Kurita)
  • Joyride – Madcat II Mech


  • Crescent Root and JR Miniatures
  • Walls and Sandbags – JR Miniatures, Pegasus, and Fern Valley
  • GameCloth – Painted Canvas drop cloth with Sand terrain from Real Scenics



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4 Responses to 25mm Battletech – Bring on the Mechs 01JUN2016

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  2. Hey looks like a very fun game sir well done:) Love the terrain very nice. Hey can you tell me something please? I have the Steiner box set above and have had it a while sadly I did not paint it when my books were all out. I have them in storage.Well anyhow I can’t find a (GOOD) pic online of Steiner Lazer Infantry 😦 Can you please tell me a good place to see what they look like color wise? Thank you for any help. Even if you just told me the colors. Near as I can tell light Grey Tunic maybe light green pants? Oh well any help you may spare.
    Thanks God Bless
    Dave In Va.

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