In search of Traveller – 25mm DENIZEN Miniatures 31MAY2016 – photo link updates

Denizen Miniatures ( are IMHO the best 25mm minis – for that matter the best Sci-Fi minis on the market! Take a gander!

So my back story:

Way back when, I arrived at my GM’s house (the late Wes Ives of Chivalry & Sorcery fame) right after Origins in ’77 and the explosion of Star Wars. Wes had a new game, a set of little black books (LBB) from GDW – aka TRAVELLER. We spent the evening rolling characters and then my Han Solo-esque clone promptly died in a gun battle. Yippee ki yah! I was hooked. I bought in hook, line and sinker with each magical (not so magical) edition.

Having wet my teeth with the 1st edition of D&D and Wes’s home grown miniature variant, I needed miniatures. GDW licensed 15mm lads with Martian Metals and I scooped them up and then promptly dropped them due to their lack of detail (you can start throwing stones now – probably the source of my anti-15mm bias). I will admit, that they did have the advantage of directly work with the scads of Traveller deck plans, but they were not eye candy.

The search continued and then I reached Nirvana with my entry into 25mm Sci-Fi minis. I found the beautiful GRENADIER TRAVELLER Imperial Marines:

But a certain dissatisfaction existed as I was pretty much limited to the pure humans of the Vilani and Solomani type. Until one day I discovered DENIZEN. They were channeling TRAVELLER – especially the VENTAURAN STAR LEGION – these lads look like the ESP laden slavers of Zhodane. And so here they are in all their mind twisting glory:


“The Ventauran Imperium is an aggressive humanoid race with ambitions of galactic domination. Their society is organized along a military caste system. This makes them very impressive opponents.”

Ventauran Flickr gallery –

Gray Primer with GW Delvan Mud Wash; GW Codex Gray & GW Fortress Gray Dry-brush
Face-shields – GW Regal Blue
Weapons, Backpack, Cords, Pouches, Sensors on Helmets – Black
Lens – GW Snot Green
Skin – GW Elf Flesh with Flesh Wash
Dry-brush – GW Bleached Bone
Magic Dip

Now you may also notice some warbots. These are from the TNE minis from RAFM PR-317 Combat Robots. A great match. Get’em boys!


“The Federation is composed of the star systems colonized by mankind. It is the direct descendant of the old North American Federation.”

Flickr Gallery –

Gray Primer
GW Camo Green Armor; spotted with irregular patches of GW Scorched Brown, Bubonic Brown, and red brown
Weapons, Backpack, Cords, Pouches – Black
Skin – GW Elf Flesh with Flesh Wash
Dry-brush – GW Bleached Bone
Magic Dip

Fanatical K’hiff (DENIZEN):

“The non-humanoid K’hiff are religious fanatics engaged in a holy war or Jihad to conquer or convert the galaxy. Not much is known about the K’hiff. No one is sure where they come from, only that they follow a Mahdi. Each clan of warriors (Ansars) is led by a priest/commander called the Emir, who demands complete, unquestioning devotion and loyalty. The K’hiff expect no quarter and give none.”

K’hiff Flickr gallery –

Gray Primer
Robes – GW Khaki, Desert Yellow, Bestial Brown, etc. robes
Weapons, Backpack, Cords, Pouches – Black
Skin – GW Codes Gray dry-brush
Dry-brush – GW Bleached Bone
Magic Dip


Mid-Tech Flickr Gallery –

Krylon White Spray Primer overall

Skin: Vallejo Flat Flesh – Flesh (light skinned) or GW Scorched Brown – Flesh (dark skinned)
Hair: Vallejo Khaki, Vallejo Dark Sand, Vallejo Beige Brown, Vallejo Black, GW Scorched Brown
Uniform – camouflage pattern with Tan and Red-Brown spots on Green background (similar to Woodland BDU pattern):

-Vallejo Russian Uniform (Green) – Uniform, Armor, Helmet, Helmet Straps, Boots
-Vallejo Beige Brown (Red-Brown) – Spots and stripes on Uniform, Armor, Helmet, Boots
-Vallejo Dark Sand (Tan) – Spots and stripes on Uniform, Armor, Helmet Boots

Gear – Vallejo Black – most web gear, cords, straps, cameras, lights, etc. with gun metal accents on light/ camera lens (some items were left green)
Weapons -Vallejo Gun Metal – Weapons followed with GW Black Ink

Magic Dip – 1:2:2 GW Brown Ink / Water / Future

Vallejo Iraqi Sand – Dry brush over all after dip – particularly gear, weapon, and helmet

OBTW the APC and Drop Ships are Galoob Action Fleet toys. Can you spell ALIENS?

So these are perfectly scaled 25mm minis. They are absolute matches with most GZG, Grenadier Traveller & Star Wars, Ral Partha Battle Troops & Shadowrun minis, and everything else that is true 25mm. I think these are the best Sci-Fi minis available – bar none!

Rock on Denizen

P.S. The minis are really dull, but the flash makes them shiney.
P.P.S. The descriptions are from the Stone Mountain Denizen site.

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