Dwarven Forge Castles II 17MAR2016

Following up from the previous blog entry, Dwarven Forge has kicked off their fourth Kickstarter (KS4) whose focus is castles (DF Castle Kickstarter – ends March 30th!).  So far they have pledge levels available that include a small gatehouse, a round six inch diameter Watchtower, and several walled variations that incorporate the Gatehouse, walls, and towers.  To go with this are stone cliffs that can be used for cliffs, ditches, mountains, or the Motte and a stone bridge.

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter 4 Castle

To better understand what I may buy during this kickstarter, I used the parts from their last City Builder System (CBS) kickstarter (which are now available in the Dwarven Forge store) to build a castle similar to the Citadel pledge in size.

100 foot by 100 foot City Builder Castle

Having built a number of CBS castles over the last couple of months, I am very interested in how do I build on my investment.  So assuming I can already build a castle, how would the Castellan like to improve our defenses?

A Man’s Home is His Castle

The first thing he pointed out was that it is much harder to scale a castle with high walls.  My current castle has 20 foot tall walls made from stacking 2″ wide by 2″ long by 2″ tall “Wall Foundations” (also called “Narrow Passages”).  This is pretty easy to do between stout stone towers made from CBS.  They are easy to remove to show damage and do include a passage for traversing between sections.  They do not have provisions for windows, but can include doors from the KS1 Dungeon offerings.  They are a bit of bother to set up since it takes 12 pieces to make a wall 20 feet tall and 60 feet long.  To make these higher, I can buy some more “Wall Foundations” or the new Castle Walls from KS4.  The KS4 walls are very versatile, use fewer parts to fill the same area, but are a bit pricey.  Hmmm, still pondering at present, but will likely buy some of each (KS3 & KS4).  The KS3 walls are open-topped, but the KS4 walls have a nice “platform support” that clips to a standard CBS wall or KS4 Castle wall with Corbels to enclose the wall top.

City Builder Walls

For the KS3 walls, I have crenellated battlements that are 2 inches wide by 2 inches long which are available as a straight wall section, and two different design including one with a trapdoor.   For straight runs, these also fit well along the top of a wall f they are held in place by a sturdy tower or building at each end.  If placed on top of a building, they tend to slide around a bit when moving minis or trying to remove them.  My solution so far is to use a bit of “blue tack” to secure them to 0.100″ styrene sheets.  KS4 has some new designs that feature crenellations on both edges that are similar in most other respects.  At the time of this writing, they have revealed, but not yet released some larger battlements that feature machicolations and corbels.   So for higher walls, I don’t need more battlements, but for new wall sections such as a curtain wall or larger castle, I will need more battlements from one of the three types.  Probably will go again with a mix of KS3 for any additional KS3 “Wall Foundations” and use KS4 style of KS4 walls.

The Castellan sagely agreed with my decision to invest in this area, but then pointed out that a castle with high walls on a rocky promontory is very hard to siege.  So, we are planning to build in castles in 2017 on a Motte edged with the new Mountain Cliff pieces.

I looked agog at the Castellan, but he was probably right.  He then asked me I thought I lived in Disneyland.  This took me aback until he pointed out that my mighty fortress does not have a drawbridge, portcullis, or even a heavy door.  I suggested that maybe it was time to invest in a Gatehouse and he concurred.

Just an arch – need a door

Currently, I can build rectangular or square stone towers ranging from a 4×4 to something much larger.  They can be capped with battlements or slate roofs depending

Wizard’s City Builder Tower

The new Castle system brings to us 6″ and 4″ round towers.  I think a great Donjon is definitely in our future.

I am sure he has many more improvements in mind, but that is where we stand so far.

Mismatched stones, not a problem!

A last night, to me the castle is beautiful, but to some it looks a little run-down with some stones a different color (undoubtedly walls and towers built at different times), some walls seem a little low (settling foundations), and even a crack in the masonry here and there.  But it is rock solid, made from Dwarvenite, and ready to protect my hearth and home.  As long as it is sturdy enough for a boisterous night of revelry that is what matters.

Click for more Flickr DF KS3 Castle woodcuts

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