Dwarven Forge Castles 24FEB2016

I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of castles and fortifications I could build with the new Dwarf Forge (DF) City Builder System (CBS) that was released as part of their third Kickstarter.  This is mostly a prelude to whet my appetite for their fourth Kickstarter whose focus will be castles.

Highgate Abbey

CBS uses a different form factor than the previous DF products for building structures.  The basic building “unit” is built with a 4x4x2 structure comprised of a 4×4 floor, four corner posts that are pinned into the corners of the floor, and four walls that insert between the posts.  The floors, posts, and walls are available in a Tudor and Stone styles.  Tudor uses wooden floors and posts coupled with timber frame (stucco and wooden structural features) walls; stone uses stone floors, posts, and walls.  Some of the floors incorporate stairwells and trapdoors and the walls feature doors, windows, arrow slit embrasures or abbey windows.  Two posts are available – one that is used to make corners and a double post for joining adjacent floors.  With these features you can make nice stone fortifications including walls and towers.

Abbey Gateway

There is not a tall gate available yet, but there is an arched bridge that spans 4 inches and makes for a nice arched entryway between  walls or between towers.

Wizard’s Keep

The Arrow Slit Embrasure walls and the Wide Double Wooden Door help transform the stack of stone blocks into a formidable fortification (the one to the right is unintentionally reversed, but shows what the interior looks like).  Hopefully, a portcullis, drawbridge, and castle gate will be available next year to help beef up the place and keep the trolls out.

Arrow Slit Embrasure and Wide Double Wooden Door

CBS includes 2×2 battlement tiles in 3 formats – a straight edge piece with crenellations along one edge and two corner pieces with crenellations along two edges.  One of these corner pieces has an opening wooden trapdoor.

Battlements on Narrow Passages

These 2×2 pieces can be rested on top of the previously released 2×2 Narrow Passages set for a 2 inch wide wall or when coupled together or with a 2×2 floor tile make a wide 4 inch wide battlement. For 4 inch wide arrangements, the Tower Battlements sets come with a stone Dwarven pillar that can support the middle of four 2×2 corners to make a 4×4 tower (or some variant of corners and edge pieces).

Battlements on Styrene sheet

I found that in a game, loose 2×2 battlements are bit too fiddly if the players need to remove the battlements for interior access.  The solution is to temporarily affix the battlements to a thin support board and they are then very easy to handle.

Styrene sheet underneath

In my case, a fellow DF aficionado in Canada provided me with 2×4, 4×4, and 4×8 styrene sheets. I used “blue tack” to temporarily stick the battlements to the sheet.


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3 Responses to Dwarven Forge Castles 24FEB2016

  1. religon says:

    I like that many of the buildings seem to have overhangs. It looks good and it is practical.

  2. lostpictold says:

    The walls can be replaced with balconies and the balcony can have an overhang placed on it or a balcony rail. Definitely changes the look and adds a bit of change up to the recantgular design.

  3. religon says:

    Clever. I would also think that you can fit figure bases under the overhang and the figures look like they are in tighter, more winding streets than a look you could achieve without the overhang.

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