LOTR: Battle of Dwarven Hold 24JAN2016

Lord Warmaster of Dwarven Hold sends:

Great Durin, our newly built city of Dwarven Hold has survived an encounter with evil due to the stout stone fort that you insisted we build.

No sooner than the last rock was in place, our wall sentries spied a foul wyrm scything through the air billowing fumeroles of brimstone and sulfur.  He landed just to the north of our new keep between a patrol lead by the mighty Captain Thud N. Blunder and another making its way back to the barracks.

Unfortunately, the loathsome dragon incinerated the entire returning patrol before they could begin to fight.  Our only solace was the fearsome aim of a dwarven sentry who wounded the dragon with a single bow shot and robbed him of all fate.

The serpent then charged Thud and threw him to the ground nearly slaying him in his savagery. The remaining dwarves encircled the hell-spawn  hewing with axes as a fierce fight ensued.  He spouted fire again, but this time only slew two dwarves.  Another arrow overcame the scaley armor.  The dragon spewed flame a last time raking the tower and broiling one of the archers as if he was in a stone oven.  Taking his attention from the dwarf warriors, two of the Khazad Guard hewed his flanks with their mighty axes causing his third and fourth wounds.

Meanwhile, the dragon was not alone.

The Cyclops raced into town and climbed the wall.

Jumping into the dwarves the fearsome beast did not quail.

A quick arrow and a pair of pike thrusts dispatched the lumbering giant.

Fortunately for Thud, the dragon took to the sky and alighted on the battlements to the exposed archers horror.  Steadfast they stood and slew the Dragon with two deadly gulled shafts and a final axe blow in melee.

Rules and minis GW LOTR Strategy Battle Game.  Extremely cool terrain DF KSIII citybuilder plus some bits and bobs from other places.

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3 Responses to LOTR: Battle of Dwarven Hold 24JAN2016

  1. Scott Bowman says:

    Great looking battle , superb terrain.

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