LOTR: Army of the Dead met the Corsairs of Umbar 26JAN2016

The Army of the Dead faced off against the Corsairs of Umbar (proxied with Harad minis) in my new Dwarven Forge Terrain.

Order of Battle:

Corsairs – 3 Captains, 12 archers, and 24 spearmen

  • Advantages – Ranged Weapons, Win more Fights, More Captains with More Might, Outnumber Foes
  • Disadvantages – Low Courage, Easy to Wound 4+

Army of the Dead – King of the Dead and 24 Warriors of the Dead

  • Advantages – Hard to Wound 6+, High Courage, Attack against Courage vice Defense
  • Disadvantages – Single Hero, No Might, Lose more fights, Outnumbered, No Ranged Attacks

The Corsairs deployed on the far side of the town with 10 archers on a Balcony and a force of 2 captains and 16 spearmen below.  A separate group of 1 Captain, 7  spearmen and 2 archers made a feint at the far end of the castle.

The Army of the Dead attacked with eighteen of its force directly into the Corsairs and dispatched seven warriors to deal with the feint.

The first three turns, the Corsair archers claimed the non-lives of two Dead until the Melee ensued.  The Corsairs struck early and slew 8 more undead to losses of only six.  With 40% of the Dead gone, the battle seemed lost.  But the Dead frigid grip chilled the dice of the Corsairs and after three more turns, the Corsairs had lost 16 warriors and the Dead had suffered no more losses.  The momentum had swung again.

In the meantime, the flank attack lost its momentum as it became clear that the Dead need to consolidate.  They moved into the castle, mounted the battlements, and then hurled themselves from the burning tower back into the main battle just in time.

At this point, the Corsairs began to waiver and tried to rally around a small two-story tavern, but alas the Dead pushed them to the breaking point with 20 Corsairs casualties.

The Corsairs lingered for two more turns until their Captains gave way to their fear and fled.  The battle finished with all the Corsairs dead or fled and four Dead remaining.


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2 Responses to LOTR: Army of the Dead met the Corsairs of Umbar 26JAN2016

  1. Scott Bowman says:

    Nice report – shame we cant make these AoD lists anymore in the warband list forces, with only the King of the Dead available to lead one warband… there should be a generic dead captain…

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