Dwarven Forge City Builder System – Simply Irresistible! 27JAN2016

I was a backer for the Dwarven Forge  kickstarter (DF KSIII) run to help bring the new City Builder System (CBS) to the Market.


My reward included the ten 3-story building Empire set with lots of stretch goal extras, Imperial Streets, Wargamer Streets, Monster Sewers plus a number of additional roofs, walls, doors, battlement, lighted and magnetic features, etc.

As luck would have it, I was randomly selected for the bow wave of initial deliveries and I have had two weeks to enjoy this awesome terrain.

The streets and buildings I bought provide enough terrain to setup a 40″ x 64″ table.  In the pictures below, I added 13 buildings including an eM4 inn, a custom made church, 10 buildings from Conflix which sit on top of the street tiles, and a building built with the DF resin Medieval Building System.

The streets are a 4×4 tiles incorporating curbing and sidewalks in straight, convex corners, and concave corners formats plus 2×2 and 1×2  sidewalks.  The Imperial Streets set also includes alleys, Nobles Crossings with raised stepping stones, sewer culverts, sidewalk grates, town square tiles, open street tiles, and a lion statue with a raised pedestal.  The Wargamer Streets is similar but only includes streets and sidewalks.

The CBS buildings currently use 4×4 floor tiles, columns that plug into the four corners,  and walls that insert between the pillars.  The walls incorporate doors, windows, balconies, etc. In stone or timber frame (tudor) form factors.

Here are some pictures of various builds and bits that came in my shipment.

The New Arrival:

Various minis from the Empire “grab bag” including a giant croc, two-headed croc, a giant rat, rat rider, dwarven smith, lamia, giant roach with Sewer Warden mounted and foot, and two men with raised mugs.  The wounded rat came with the Monster Sewers set.

Build with Imperial Streets:

Imperial and Wargamer Streets:


Battle of Dwarven Hold our first game  on the new terrain.


The minis with round bases are mostly Games Workshop Lord of the Ring with a few civilians from Mega Minis, Black Tree Design, Ral Partha, WOTC, ETC.  The black dragon is from GW and the red is from Safari.  The cyclops was sculpted by my son.

Happy Gaming!

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7 Responses to Dwarven Forge City Builder System – Simply Irresistible! 27JAN2016

  1. Barks says:

    Spectacular! Happy gaming!

  2. religon says:

    Incredible! Your son’s cyclops is excellent. This setup looks immersive with a little whimsy. Thanks for identifying some of the swag. I was wondering.

  3. lostpictold says:

    Thanks – he’s got talent!

  4. John says:

    Jimmy the table looks great.

  5. FattyLumpkin says:

    Thanks for posting! I got my City Builder right after you and today the Imperial Street arrive! You did a really nice job setting this up. What I can’t tell is whether or not you put the streets around the base of the buildings or under them. On the raised sections it looks like you placed the houses on top. Anyway, I’ll find out what works best today! Thanks again 🙂

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