WWII – 15mm Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) – Under Construction! 24AUG2013

I am getting ready to embark on something new, because of something old.  The new  – 15mm operations in the Pacific.

The Island

The Island

The old – a few years back a gamer acquaintance, Dexter, passed away and his gaming things were bequeathed to the the local gamers around Raleigh.  Eventually his collection of painted 15mm Japanese and USMC minis came to me.  At the time I was dabbling with Flames of War and it seemed like a good fit.  I discovered that for Europe, FOW did not meet my needs since I am just a bit peculiar (maybe not just a bit).  I opted out of the 15mm stuff, but kept the inherited PTO lads.

Eventually I decided that I would try Panzer Marsch in 15mm and ordered the PTO ORBAT (army lists).   (oh by the way, I learned today that BF just released a Japan versus Russia supplement – maybe I will even give FOW another try when the Marines are released.)

I had basically two companies of Japanese infantry and two platoons of US Marines. I gave them the dip, based them with sand, and will follow with jungle tufts.  I must have caught Jungle Fever because that is when madness struck.

Maybe it was a case of watching the Pacific airfield episode too many times, but I decided I needed to bulk up the Marines.  I found some very nice painted Marines in the UK.

So I ordered them some cheap ~1/100th minis from the Axis & Allies Miniatures (A&AM) game.  A mix of Jeeps, Stuarts, and some DUKWs.  But what about something more substantial – a box of M4A2 Shermans from Plastic Soldier addresses the need.

So how are they going to land?  They will need LCMs to get the armor to the beach. The Paper Terrain LCM is a nice inexpensive solution at $12 for 5.

But what about the reefs?  Gaming Models AMTRAKs are the answer – LVT-2, LVT-4, LVT (A) I, and LVT(A) 4

Air Cover?  How about Axis and Allies Airforce planes? Late model USN FM1 Wildcats & USMC Corsairs buzz overhead.

Air Cover

Air Cover

Of course the Japanese are feeling overwhelmed.  So A&AAF provides Zeros, Oscars, and Tonys.  Hordes of Japanese tankettes and light tanks can be had from A&AM including Type 2 Ki-Ma amphibious tanks,  Type 97 Chi-Ha and Type 95 Ha Go tanks – even the little bitty Te-Ke tankette.



First Battles:

So what to do with all of this stuff?  Invade an Island.  D-Day is 07SEP2013 at 1900 in Raleigh, NC at the SOUTHERN FRONT gaming convention.

My buddy is making the island, the vegetation, and will be the lead GM.   You can see the Island with churning surf etc. in some of the pictures; in others it is just me size-checking various scenery elements using a paper pattern for reference. I am supplying the forces, the structures, and the naivete!

We are actually running three interlinked games that day.  First an Operational Level carrier battle (involving softening up this island), Second a very tactical dogfight for establishing Air Dominance over the Island (using the Axis and Allies Air Force Rules), and last the invasion using Panzer Marsche.

This is basically a Battalion level combined arms assault against a mythical island in late ’44 near Angaur and Palau during Operation Forager.  It will have all the mythic elements of war in the Pacific.  More as we get closer.

15mm PTO Stuff:

  • Japan
    • 216x painted 15mm Japanese Infantry all mounted singly (3 Companies, 6 Mortars, and 3 HMG)
    • 8x Type 92 Machine Guns (A&AM)
    • 2x Type 89A I-Go (Chi-Ro) Medium Tank (A&AM)
    • 5x Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank (A&AM)
    • 12x Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank (A&AM)
    • 6x Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette (A&AM)
    • 3x Type 87 Armored Car (A&AM)
    • 6x Type 1 47mm ATG (A&AM)
    • 6x 6x Type 37mm/L46 ATG “94” M1934 (Command Decision)
    • 6x 70mm/L9 “94” M1932 Battalion gun (Command Decision)
    • 3x 1.5 Ton Trucks (Command Decision)
    • 2x Type 88 75mm AA gun (A&AM)
    • Air Support 10 Zeros, 4 Oscars, and 4 Tonys (A&AAF)
  • US
  • 242  painted 15mm Marines (with some mortars and HMG crews) all mounted singly
  • Alpha Company – A Co HQ, A Co Heavy Weapons Section (5 HMG & 3 60mm Mortars), & 3 Platoons each with Plt HQ squad, 3 Rifle and 2 with Autorifle Squad & 1 with Mortar Squad
  • Bravo Company – B Co Weapons Section (5 HMG & 3 81mm Mortars) & 2 Platoons with Plt HQ squad and 3 Rifle squads
  • 9 M3 Stuart Light Tanks (A&AAF)
  • 5 M4A2 Sherman Medium Tanks (Plastic Scale)
  • 6 75mm Howitzer
  • 8 Jeeps
  • 4x LVT II – 1 section
  • 4x LVT 4 – 1 section
    • 2x LVT (A) I 37mm (A&AAF)
    • 2x LVT (A) 4 75mm (A&AAF)
    • 9x DUKW – 1 section (A&AAF)
    • 5X LCM (3) – 4 sections / 1 medium tank / 2 light tanks
    • Air Support 14 Wildcats and 4 Corsairs (A&AAF)


  • 5x Hooches (Flashpoint)
  • 4x Rice Paddies (Battlefront)
  • 2x Thatched Building (Battlefront)
  • 2x Ammo / Supply Dump
  • 2x Control / Observation  Tower (Flashpoint)
  • 3x Pillbox (JR mini)
  • 30x Tunnel Entrance / Bunkers (custom)
  • 9x Sandbag Postions (Behemoth)
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