High Fantasy Terrain: Islands in the Sky 19AUG2013

Floating Ruins

I have always wanted to run a “high” fantasy game.  That is one with mighty wizards, dragons, and floating terrain.  As part of my regular eBay haunts, I found someone that was making “flying hills” (maulhelm).  Gotta have these I said.  That led to a collaborative commission (I guess that makes me a regular patron of the arts) for a flying castle or at least the ruins.  If you are a fan of Jhereg stuff, I am thinking this is what it looked like after the Interregnum at least until everything crashed.  Once these arrived I could not help but get them out for some table decorating and test driving with various fantasy minis and some existing terrain.  No game in sight yet, but definitely something in the works.

Cruising Dragon

It started with these flying hills.  The bases support very sturdy clear rods that make for fairly stable platforms.  The hills, bases, and rods disassemble for easy storage.  All the minis are metal (mostly from Reaper or Ral Partha) and I felt the terrain is very stable.  I did experiment with what happens if a lot folks are on the edge and all kept flying; however, in game play magic barriers will keep these beautiful floaties at least a foot from the table edge.  I may also invest in some rubber matting for under the game mat.

Undead assault

A foot bridge precariously connects the two islands in the sky. (Precarious for nervous minis, but again stable for game play).

Haunted Tower

Nice three level tower and opposing battlements,  Looks like this place is haunted…


I won this castle (made by Les) at Spring Fever last year.  It is also form Hirst Arts pieces and fits right in.  The nasty old Necrodrake is from Ral Partha as well as the land-locked giants.  Maybe some future island will get this baby underway…

Gravity Challenged Tower


  • Flying Dragon – McFarlane
  • Necrodrake – Ral Partha
  • Giants & Troll – Ral Partha
  • Hellhounds – Reaper
  • Skeletons – Reaper
  • Skeletal Cavalry – Ral Partha
  • Witches – Reaper
  • Ghosts – Reaper

Click for more pictures on flickr

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