Historicon 18 – 21 July WOOT!

I have finally been to the big show!  Last year, I could only make it to Historicon for part of Saturday.  This time I was there Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.  I had a fabulous time.  I shared a room with my buddy John.  I gamed, he worked the Brigade booth.
I  played the following:
  1. Sink the CSS Tennessee – 28mm / Uncivil War / skirmish / Yankee infantry sink my beautiful rebel Ironclad tied up for repairs
  2. Mutiny on Mirkheim – 28mm / Warzone / skirmish / My replicants mutinied & escaped Mirkheim on their way to Earth
  3. Gnome Wars – 28mm / Gnome Wars / mass combat / Frog prince takes on the French; French have Froglegs for supper
  4. Zombicide – 30mm / Zombicide / board game / Zombie outbreak survived
  5. Carrier War – 1/600th / home brewed / operational WWII Naval game / Lexington and Enterprise hunt down to Japanese carriers – the Lex scratched one flattop
  6. Great Train Raid – 28mm / Blood & Swash / skirmish / How not to rob a wild west train
  7. Train Robbery – 28mm / Blood & Swash / skirmish / IRA raids a British train
  8. Red Dawn – 28mm / Force on Force / skirmish / Reverend Jackson and his trusty Bazooka repel the advances of Cuban invaders in 1985
  9. Wagon Train – 28mm / home grown rules / mass combat / a small band of beautiful, meticulously researched cavalry miniatures endure excruiatingly  slow scalping by equally beautiful, meticauously researched indians hordes  in a tiny skirmish fortunately unrecorded in the annals of old west glory…
Jimmy bought:
  1. Uncivil War rules, a few skirmishing rebels, and an Old Barn from architects of war
  2. 42 meticuously painted Swan Knights of Dol Amroth on foot. Very nice!
  3. A wild west tent city, some army wagons, and a livery stable from Old Glory
  4. Saga dice and Northern Fury supplement
  5. various odds and ends
The Venue’s AC worked better than last year.  The food was Okay.  Not much of interest in Wally’s Basement (unless you like 15mm).  Several big vendors did not make the dealers room.
Various adult beverages and fine cigars with LCOL Hodson.  Colonel please fetch me my slippers!
Overall a great time!


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