Kickstarter Double Triple Point Goodness 28MAR2013

As a Materials Engineer, I appreciate the elegant physical symmetry of the Triple Point.  Under the right set of conditions (time, temperature, pressure, etc.) a materials system can reach thermodynamic and kinetic equilibration where something wonderful happens.  At this magic point 3 forms of matter – solid, liquid, and vapor can co-exist indefinitely.

I hereby declare that we have reached a Kickstarter Double-Triple Point!

  • Reaper Bones is starting to ship my Vampire level and all the cool extras (Ebonwrath, Fire It Up!, There Be Dragons, Deathsleet, Red Dragon,  Spider Centaurs, C’thulhu, Hydra).  Lots of cool dragons for the unweary and tasty dwarves.
  • The legendary Traveller 5th edition is starting to ship along with my Land Grant and Patent of Nobility.  Varlet, fetch my slippers.
  • Zombicide release 1 freebies & extras are shipping in April.  Remember to double tap.
  • Bughunt Corridors Ganeway Load Lifter has been received and built.  To Infinity and Beyond.
  • Dwarven Forge Game Tiles are ordered and the KS is getting better by the hour.  You have encountered a doorway, what shall you do?
  • The Ogre is starting to crawl my way!

So what could be better?  Hmm, how about a KS for a set of cheap 1/48th scale WWII tanks and vehicles?  Or some Pulpy, Martian floaters and airships?  Or a KS for painted gladiators, animals, victims, and an arena? What dreams may come!

Ka yippee ka yah!  In case you need a nudge check out Kickstarter!

Talk about your Cold Fusion!

Happy Gaming

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