Skull Island 13OCT2012

I had the privilege of being the co-torturer, I mean co-GM, for a Pulp game at Southern Front 2012.  A set of 11 hearty adventurers went to Skull Island to unlock her secrets.

Mysteries Await!

My lads and lasses:

1 – US Imperialists – Ambassador Smedley Smythe-Simpson and a mix of USN Sailors / US Marines.  Showing the flag, ensuring manifest destiny, and expanding the recently obtained former Spanish Pacific empire.  They have their very own Gunboat for strictly diplomatic reasons.   It sure would look nice with a Death Ray!  Talk about Seapower, Choke Points, and Gunboat Diplomacy.

Might makes Right!

2 – Sinister Dr. Fu Manchu and the Green Tea Tong (including the infamous Gong of Doom).  Must get our hands on these Death Rays!

3 – Red Blades Tong – Madame Svetlana, the Axe Gang, and Madame Ching’s Clockwork Soldiers.  If Manchu gets the honorable Death Ray, our Peking Duck is cooked!

4 – Army of the Red Dragon – The Notorious General Chun-King / Captain Chun-Kee (his nephew), his loyal bodyguard, and the Steam Dragon.  Bringing democracy to oppressed peoples everywhere.  Protecting the peoples of the Island from Foreign Devils.


Latest Asian technology!

5 – German Zeppelin Troopen – Baron Lego von Liftupen, his “niece” famed aviatrix Gräfin Hilga von Highchest and her Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, a troop of Zeppelin Troopen and the latest in Dirigible technology.  Still trying to establish our place in the Sun or at least get our Fuehrer a new Wonder Weapon!


6) Native Village – an idea I stole from the Colonial Angle. Most of my minis are from Pulp Figures with a few additions from Cannon Fodder, Aritzan, and EM-4.

Everything else were my buddy Bruce’s concoctions:

7 – Scientists Without Borders in rowboats

8 – Arctic Explorers with a seaplane

10 – The Mob with Dusenberg limos with both the Luxury Interior, Tommygun holder, and Submarine excursion packages!

11 – Space Mercenaries with a Space Flitter

12 – Dr. No, the Anarchist Flame Cult, and their secret lair on Skull mountain.

Plus the rules and Magnificent Terrain.  Gotta love the ecological reuse of a deer skull.  Great fun.  All won!

Here is a link to more pictures:

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