Bold Sir Robin! Robin Hood Update 09MAY2012

Very excited (I am easily amused) as the forces for goodness and badness start to assemble.

Rob and Mary

Today, the rest of BTD 3rd Crusade horses arrived from the UK.  I ordered in the US  and it was very promptly filled (with an extra foot knight or two!), but 7 of the horses needed to gallop over the Atlantic.  Here are some pictures of them in the lead flesh:

BTD 3rd Crusade Knights

I am going to paint up these as a set of templars, a black knight, and the various folks from Ivanhoe (Wilfred, de Bois-Guilbert, Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, Lucas de Beaumanoir, Conrade de Montfichet, Maurice De Bracy, Albert de Malvoisin, and Philip de Malvoisin) and the bad guys from Nottingham (the Sheriff, Guy of Gisborne, etc. ).

King Richard I arrived from Magister Militum.  The mounted and riding king are perfect scale matches for BTD, but his rearing horse is a little small compared to BTD.  The mount is likely the right size for his era, but will get swapped out with another since the King wants the biggest horse.  Here he is:

King Richard I - Magister Militum

I am going to order the BTD mounted Saxons to be Aethelstane and his retinue (I know antiquated by 1194 standards but it gets the Saxon point across):

saxon horse

However, best of all TMP comes through again.  I posted I wanted the Mega Minis Robin Hood “god” mini and someone offered up a spare.  This is good on two fronts, I get the perfect Robin and Will Scarlet can stay painted red.  I next need to find a suitable Red Robin in tattered clothes and eye patch.

I still need to decide upon Little John, but that should be easier than the others. One idea is the Foundry brute or how about a Dunadain ranger:


I am also considering this lovely Elven lady as the non-demure version of Maid Marian.  Thunderbolt Mountain Minis are awesome!

Elf Lady

Last bit of coolness is the arrival of new buildings from PMC.  I ordered set of seven and five have been delivered (anxiously awaiting the 3rd box).  These are AWESOME!!!  They mix very well with my EM-4 Farm and Inn, plus the more rustic Saxon dwellings that I made. To go with this are my city walls from Ziterdes.  All told a very nice Nottingham.

Next I need some knightly Tents, a set of lists, some stands, and some beehives…


PS – This is my 51st Blog post – I guess I like this stuff….



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2 Responses to Bold Sir Robin! Robin Hood Update 09MAY2012

  1. Ian says:

    You could also use the Fireforge Games mounted Sergeants. Thats would save you a lot of money as they are plastic 28mm.

  2. lostpict says:

    I checked out the Fireforge Games minis – very nice. You are right – they are relatively cheap at €24.00. I paid $52 plus shipping for 12 BTD mounted knights and the FF 12 pack would be about $40 plus shipping.

    Thanks for the tip!


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