LOTR: Spring Fever 2012 Update – Burning the Westfold 06MAY2012

An update to things LOTR.

Here are some shots from Burning the Westfold (taken by one of the players):

The Saxons, I mean Rohan, lads had built a sturdy palisade to protect their village, but somehow had left the back southern quarter incomplete. The Wargs attacked in a three-pronged attack from the south, west and east. The main party pillaged from the south with infantry and a party along the river road from both the east and west. Unfortunately, the villagers were caught a bit flat-footed and only had time to form a shield wall and saddle a few horses. Their look-outs in the towers quickly strung bows and accounted for half the Mordor losses.

The watchtowers immediately started blowing their signal horns and Prince Théodred thundered to their aid from the North. Just as he arrived, a foul dark-rider (Knight of Umbar) arrived to snap-shut the trap.

This was a willy-nilly game with mostly new players. We left out some of the rules (on purpose – shielding, 2-handed weapons, some of the heroic stuff, etc.) and a I told everyone that it was more of a demo than an actual test of players skills. By definition, whoever lost most of have been given too little forces and the converse. Lots of fun!

The Great Beast is complete. I painted the crew in red tunics to match my Morannon orcs, but gave them various Orcy skin tones to reflect their less pure origins. I pegged them so each can be removed as a casualty. As things Finecast go, the model itself was fine – maybe even better to assemble than the my fell-beasts, balrog, trolls, and Mumaks. As individual man-sized minis go, I would have preferred metal. One good thing – so far I have not seen any of the under-hangs so common on the plastic minis. So one thumbs up and maybe one neutral.

Great Beast

I also converted an Isengard ram for similar purposes:

Business End

Here is a slide show of things Grond:

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