In search of Robin Hood 06MAY2012

always have too many irons in the fire and have now added Robin Hood / Ivanhoe to the mix. I have wanted to do this for some time and an unrelated RH game at Spring Fever lit the fuse.

So, the title of the blog is In Search of Robin Hood because I am having a hard time tracking down a suitable set of minis.
Wyeth         iVANHOE

As blog followers know, I have sizable Dark Age armies for Vikings, Saxons, and Normans all focused on the 11th century. I also have a nice Saxon village and a bunch of other stuff that would do. So I decided I need to add a few 12th century knights and some Merry Men and away I would go. No problem finding the 12th century knights – lots of issues with a comprehneisve set of Robin Hood minis that are in my style.

I want my RH band to look like they came from England not Hollywood. I also want them to fit the style of the Wyeth illustrations.

So far:

1) The Blue Moon guys (ordered and like, but they are TOO LARGE for the hundreds of extras I have already painted). I decided to paint and e-bay them. Should be fun and maybe will fund the project (contact me if you are interested – I have the three characters packs and a pack of Merry Men).

2) I found the Grenadier and Citadel lads, but they are too Hollywood and cartoonish for my tastes.

3) I am searching for the Mega-minis God mini for Robin Hood (pictured with the Copplestone Tuck – more on him below). He looks perfect. To be seen whether I can acquire him. Alternatively, I may go with Mithril’s Bard of Esgaroth, whom I have painted in Burgundy at present and could be repainted as Locksley or stay as Will Scarlet:

Mega Bard











4) I found the Friar Tuck and Marian that Copplestone sculpted and are sold as Newark Miniatures. I have them on order, but they do not a merry man band make.

4) Still need a Little John that is large, but not huge. Preferably with Quarterstaff. I may use the Foundry LJ.  The Merry Men will be combination of LOTR Rangers, some old Ral Partha lads, some Mega-Mini Rangers, and some generic Saxon archers (BTD and Renegade).


5) Normans: I decided to use some of the BTD 12th Century Knights that mix nicely with my 11th Century BTD, Gripping Beast, and Crusaders minis.

I added a Navigator Miniatures King Richard the LionHeart foot and mounted. I may order a 2nd set for the Black Knight of Ivanhoe.

Newark Character makes a fine King John:

8) Anglo-Saxon Townsfolk, Villagers, and Court mostly from Mega-minis and BTD with a Ral Partha or two:

I am also working on some Jousting rules – should be a fun combo of cards, dice, and minis. Very strategic, but easy enough for a tyke to master. May need to get some of the large plastic Knights for the tykes to use instead of my minis.

More Later,


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