Mars at War 27APR2012

Still gushing over the fun I had at Spring Fever. Followers of this blog, will have noted my recent fascination with Mars and JCM.

So I saw the movie, twice. First time in 3D and second normal vision (both instance instigated by she whom I gratefully obey). We both really like it. Still don’t know why it generated such critic dislike and assume the advertising accounts for its cratering at the box office. Just before it came out, I ordered one each of the wonderful Bronze Age John Carter minis. They are awesome!

So at Spring Fever, I was allowed to stoke the fires a bit more by playing in two different games set on Mars:

(1) Wreck of the Zephyrus

(link to someone’s photos on flickr)

WreckOfThe Zephyrus004

This game used the Parroom Station Valor, Steel, and Flesh (VSF) rules and minis. ALL QUITE LOVELY! I played the brits. I had a lovely steam walker tank, a Maxim HMG, and a two squads of infantry. My allies were Germans and Japanese. We could choose which turn to enter, with end result that you were 24″ further down the field. I entered turn 4 about 24″ from the objective. My lads marched on the edge of the board and opened up with the Maxim. When all was said and done, I had downed a pair of Air Ships, routed a cavalry charge, and killed the crew of a third airship that had marched the board length once their air ship broke down at on the first turn. The Japanese stormed and secured the objective under my withering support fire while the Germans engaged the enemy from turn one (taking much on the chin). Here are some links to pictures taken by other folks:

WreckOfThe Zephyrus006

(2) Sky Pirates of Mars

This game was run by the author of the Fantastic Worlds rules. The minis were from Bronze Age and the airhsips were custom. In this game, I had John Carter, Dejah, and two guards. My ally had JCM’s son and two guards. Our opponents were a pair of Black Martian air skiffs each with a crew of 3 and a triplet of Tharks on the ground. Dejah was knocked from the boat, John Carter leaped to her rescue, and got her back on the boat amidst the swirling chaos of air to air action. Our steady pilot timed our acceleration and altitude changes perfectly to outrun the turning Black Martians skiffs; however, before we could completely escape two Tharks leaped onto our soaring air ship and we battled them in melee. Eventually they were dumped over the side (one jumped to his death). Dejah and John are safe for now.

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