Conan Update – 25APR2012


Shem priestess threatens Conan with giant scorpions (Reaper Bones and Crocodile Games)

(Revised to fix the FLICKR embed issue!)

The Conan project continues. Here are some pictures of my forces from Stygia and Shem:

Red Fanatics

Conan is an excellent mini from Bronze Age. He is not quite finished yet, but you get the gist? Yes, his hair is blue-black, he has smoldering blue eyes, and is one mean dude. This mini is described as a 32mm, but he is just in scale with my mix of old Ral Partha 25s and newer 28mm lads.


Blood priests prepare to carve his gizzard (D&D miniatures dipped and rebased)

To speed things up, I have rebased a number of WOTC D&D and HeroClix minis. At most, these just got a dunk in the magic dip (Windsor Peat Brown Ink, water, and Future) and are based with sand on GW round bases.


Snakemen (Mageknight on GW bases) do their sword dance…

I also noticed that a number of older minis from other realms mix well. In particular, the GW Haradrim make great Shem warriors.


Monster Mash doing their Graveyard Smash (D&D and MageKnight repurposed)

I have a few more to ready for the Stygian setting and then on to the far north.


Shemtish warriors (GW LOTR Harad Raiders and the Serpent King)

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