Hyborean Realms – a Conan project – MAR2012

My long simmering Conan project is finally starting to bleed again.


The recent TMP nudge for the old GURPS Conan gamebooks got the blood flowing. I started working on this some time ago and recently started searching for on-line inspiration. I saw Matakishi’s site and recognized many similar elements to my train of thought and some good nudges to get mine back on track. So here is what I’m working:

Minis The minis I have chosen fall into three broad categories:

1) Awesome Bronze Age Barbarians and Vikings – although my game is a 28mm game and the BA stuff is 32mm, I think it is a great match for the larger than life barbaric forces that are the focus of my game. A couple of years back I secured his norse gods and vikings for my Ragnarok game. I have now added the big hulking brutes and brutesses from BA (plus the lovely JCM Minis). He has an awesome new barbarian that is the spitting image of REH description of the brooding Cimmerian. For Conan, I have three variants – two lads from BA including this savage bare-chested brute:

Barbarian with Necklace

Although not from BA, I also snagged this fellow from Reaper 03282: Urich, Adventuring Fighter for the King of Aquilonia:

2) I decided to leverage the large quantities of pre-painted minis from MageKnight and WOTC to get some lads on the table fast. These are particularly useful for the non-humans types:

MageKnight: Hooded Assassins, Fire Salamander, Hydra, Desert Apes, Sphinx, Demons, Mummy, Jackal Guardian, Gnoll, etc.

WOTC D&D: Troglodytes, Blood of Vol fanatics, Gnolls, Kobolds, spiders,

3) Generic 28mm minis – a mix of MegaMinis, Ral Partha, and Reaper mostly with a few others from 25mm producers in past lives. More to come.


I think most of my game will focus on the Stygian wastes. This is good since I have a nice desert set-up that is well on its way.

To this I have added a bunch of resin terrain from Grendel: Grendel Temple of Set, Snakepit, and Boat of the Styx, some bits of
Egyptian resin pieces form Itar’s Workshop and a little more from other Hirst Arts kit vendors.

I am also working up a desert ruin modular dungeon using FloraCraft “Project Bricks”. Here is a snap of a demo pieces, with mine to follow: Project Bricks

Here is a snap of a demo:

Hyborian Realms

My fantasy world is firmly ensconced between ice ages when both megafauna and magifauna still roamed the lands. Encounters are laid against the following generic realms:

– Fabulous Cities – Crowded, dirty, criminally-infested, sordid, immoral places – perfect fit for Cimmerian sensibilities
– Farmlands and Frontiers – the civilized kingdoms
– Steaming Jungles – reeking, wet, dank, hot miasmas filled with exotic fauna and deadly flora – can you say black lotus
– Steppes and Savannas – rolling grasslands with limited water
– Desert Reaches – the vast Stygian wastes populated with remnants of reptilian humanoids and stone ruins.
– Cold Wastes – Glaciers, mountains, frozen deserts, mega-fauna
– High Seas – pirates anyone?

Game Ideas

I want a quick, simple game where the barbarians can plow through the rabble, but must be careful around the villians. Magic needs to be uncommon, mysterious, and either incredible ineffective or awesome in its power. I am thinking of running Barbarians of Lemuria or maybe a homegrown fantasy skirmish game that I have been messing with. Need to try out both.

Lots more to come…..

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