Rushing Red – Tomorrow’s War 26FEB2012

My friend John set-up a nice Tomorrows War game using one of the scenarios from the rulebook between Imperial Russians and Neo-Soviets, my friend Mike was the combat Photographer, and I pretty much GMed the game. When all was said and done the Communists were alive and well and Imperialism was a lost cause.

Lessons learned. Do not advance in the open against dug in forces with SAWs and Grenade Launchers!

Here are some game snaps – enjoy:

The Neo-Soviets pretty much wiped the battlefield as the Imperialist Russians advanced too far and the Neo-Sovs happlily engaged from cover. Not pretty! One highlight of the game was a PA suit malfunction that shut her down just as it was time to skedaddle. Love those Fog of War cards.

These AT-43 minis inspired me to secure a bunch of Red Blok forces for my own gaming plans. I will use them for a Soviet CoDo Marine force against Sauron Supermen using SST proxies (painted a nice Black and Fieldgrau with Death Heads and Mordor logos).

Give TW a try…..

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