Hammer Slammers 28JAN2012

This was our latest go with Hammer Slammers. The Sincamo Federation held the base at the end of the Board and were backed with detachments from the Sons of Mangala and the West Riding Yeomanry. Attempting to eject the SF were Proctor’s Legion (photos courtesy of COL Proctor) and Erica’s Force PMS (Pink Merc Sisters). Game size ~2000 points per side.

Furball pretty much a draw. WRY lost two APCs, PL lost a couple of APC and Scout Cars, PMS lost Tank Destroyer, and SF lost lots of infantry.


The deposed royalists:

Erica’s Force PMS (Anders Legion – Veteran) – 8 TU GZG Anime girls in Heavy carapace armor accompanied by some sort of 40K custom floater tank, a small walker, and 2 pairs of Power Armor Chicks.

Proctor’s Legion (Zap’s Brigade – Veteran) – A mix of Mongoose SST and a few 40K Imperial Guard. 3 APC – custom 40K custom, 1 Command Track – custom 40K, 4 FAVs – Batmobile repaints two with ATGM (Goanna) and 2 gun-trucks (Geckos), 4 TU Infantry, and 4 TU Tank Hunter / Support.

The rebellious forces (all part of the vast SF Cox Legion):

West Riding Yeomanry (Veterans) – Denizen Ventaurians with old GZG Hover APCs (that Daemonscape now makes), but unfortunately I suspect three of the four were someone’s re-casts since the do not compare to GZG quality – buyer beware on e-bay. The APCs have been upgraded with Old Crow turrets to replace the one GZG turret and the mismash of ebay odds and ends that came with the others. To go with these I have a couple of OOP GZG tanks/APC in the same style. Altogether – 4 APCs, 1 Laser Tank, 4 TU Tank Hunters, 4 TU Infantry, 1 SGT, and 1 LT. http://lostpict.6sided.net/2011/07/17/in-search-of-traveller-25mm-denizen-minitaures/

Sons of Mangala (Veterans) – GZG Islamic Federation troopers and ESU Power Armor painted by my buddy Hacksaw – THESE ARE SO SWEET! I love the desert camo scheme he did and the head cloths. 8 pairs of PA, 4 TU Tank Hunters, 4 TU Infantry, 1 SGT, and 1 LT. http://lostpict.6sided.net/2011/07/15/picasso-i-aint-painting-the-little-men/

Sincamo Federation (Trained) – Mongoose B:EVO Middle Eastern Alliance (MEA) troopers, B:EVO USMC Shadow trucks, and FAVs from Marbeth – this force was CHEAP! I cannot recommend enough scarfing up the B:EVO Forces for cheap entry level near-modern combat. These are bit leaner and taller than the MEA, but are a cheap alternative milita. 11 TU Tank Hunters, 9 TU infantry, 4 Gecko gun trucks, 3 GECKO HVM trucks, 1 SGT, and 1 LT.

For the PA and the Walker, we used John T’s HS conversion. PA is hard to knock out!


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