WWII – Crossfire Demo 29DEC2011

WWII – Crossfire Demo

While we had the winter European table set-up, we decided to take a quick side trip to WWII. Thanks in part to acquisitions from TMPers (some new German and US infantry plus some US vehicles), I have at last got around to some 28mm WWII action.

German Column

The vehicle column is a pre-game shot.  Too bad for the Americans that the Panzers had left the building….

The US (my son) rolled Germans up and put them in a sack for my troubles. We did not use the vehicles, just a company each of infantry. Cross-fire definitely is a fun game that is well suited to a terrain filled board.

American Flankers

My son took out one platoon on the west side of the table in quick order. I broke up his advance with my MG-34 in the tower. He was driving up the eastern flank with a woods hopping strategy. I massed a platoon for the close assault, but lost in the end. Lots of fun. We plan to visit Cross-fire again.

Germans in the Trees

The game was played on a white sheet with some trees from Lemax and Battlefield Terrain Concepts (BTC).

The hills are from War Zone. The buildings are mix from EM-4 (the inn and large shingled buildings), watch towers (For the Teeming Masses E-bay), JR Miniatures (stone cottage, smithy, house, green shingled, yellow thatched house) Conflix smithy, and various home-made buildings and structures. A little BTC snow completes the scene.

Winter Smithy

American column moving up after town secured.

American Column

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