GASLIGHT in Pulp China 19NOV2011

I had my first go with GASLIGHT on 19NOV2011. The pics are from my friend John H. With the exception of the pirates and junks, most of the miniatures are mine. My son made the Steam Dragon from PEGASUS bits. The Dragon boasts a fearsome Flame Jet as his primary armement and an set of anti-infantry Steam Banks along the flanks to discourage boarders.

Great Red Dragon

I picked up the Steam Lorries and the Beer Wagon at Southern Front. The cannons, tanks, and RR Armored car are from REVIRESCO. Most of the Asian Minis are Pulp Figures with a few from REVIRESCO and Old Glory. The Sailors are from Pulp Figures and the Marines are from Cannon Fodder. The terrain belongs to my friend John H. with a few choice bits from me.


Warlord Alliance tries to seize the town and in particular capture the Euro/American foreign devils. The Tong is trying to hold the town and also capture the foreign devils. A US Navy gunboat and Marine Corps landing party hope to rescue the colonials.

Warlord Faction – General Chung King leads the Red Dragon Army (2 squads and the Steam Dragon), the facists Blue Shirt Society (2 squads, 2 lorries, and 4 HMGs), and the Tin Hat Dictators (1 squad, traction engine, 2 75mm French cannons, and Rolls Royce Armored Car).

Tong Faction – Fu Manchu controls the Green Tea Tong (2 squads and the Gong of Doom), Madame Svetlana leads the Red Blades Gang (2 squads, Madame Ching and her Clockwork Soldiers, and two Jingal Gun teams), & two Pirate junks.

US Naval Forces – CDR Cox (SOPA) with LT Collings (skipper of USS OSPREY) and CAPT Chesty Puller, USMC, with a gunboat crew, two USN Landing parties, two USMC landing Parties, and a 6-ton tank.

Helpess Civilians – Diplomats are taking refuges in the Governor’s House, the Merchant Sailors and the Floozies are busy drinking it up at Jepson’s Saloon next to the waterfront, and Smugglers are packing “goods” at the Hangar (Overland Tea Company – IRA gun-running front) as the game begins.

AAR – The Naval Forces advanced through the town and destroyed the Green Tea Tong along the way, but were slowed down by the Gong of Doom and did not reach the Diplomats in time. The advancing Warlord artillery shelled the Governor house and killed 3 female diplomats. This made the Diplomats quite feisty; the Diplomats held off Madame Svetlana’s Clockwork Soldiers with sharp shotgun shooting from the 3rd floor of the Governor House. Approaching from an unguarded flank, the Warlord troops advanced largely unopposed to the Governor’s House and used the Steam Dragon to force an entry to a 2nd storey balcony. The Blue Shirt Society raced up the stairs to the third floor and the diplomats blow their Morale roll (a 20) and were captured. The Smugglers stealthly glided to safety along with the Floozies and Merchant Marines. The gunboat held off the two Pirate Junks, ultimately disabling one that drifted away. The Pirates fought the Marines but to little avail. All had fun and General King now rules the town.

Next time we will try a VSF variant of the TSATF.

Happy Holidays


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