Holiday Pig Wars 27NOV2011

My son was home for Thanksgiving and we played a bit of Pig Wars. We used the straight up war-bands from the book as the basis for the first couple of scenarios. The first two scenarios we ran with the D12 variants rules; for the fantasy battles we used the card deck with the Saga rules from the files section
(Norn/Saga cards, etc.). For the beasties I used the info for Fantasy and LOTR. Thanks to the group contributors for these variants.


First up, the Vikings tried to hold a river crossing in Normandy. They barricaded the road and put Jarl Olaf Olafsson (3 stripe) and his lads as the backstop. Through a break in the trees, a set of berserkers blocked the way. Archers fired down from a sentry tower overlooking all. Up the road came a Norman lord with his retinue of heavy horse and foot. The lord charged the berserkers, breaking the flank, and rolling into Olaf’s line from the rear. The Viking archers gave a poor account of themselves until the Norman archers picked them off. The Normans lost 5 warriors and the vikings lost all.

The Vikings left for England, where they tried their hand at capturing a Saxon village. The village had a stout palisade and two sentry towers. The Saxon archers made mincemeat of the Vikings outside the wall. It was touch and go for a bit, but the blacksmith ran from his smith into the palisade gate and managed to slam the door on Olaf after winning a melee and wounding him. Unfortunately most of the villagers outside of the palisade were killed or captured with only two small children escaping the Viking clutches. The Vikings lost eight, captured two thralls, and the Normans lost five villagers and the door sentry.

The Vikings then made their way up the coast to a small hamlet that was under the heel of three evil hags. The villagers hired the Viking band to protect the Hamlet. The Vikings fought off succeeding waves beasties until we were out of Vikings. First up was the giant wolf Fenrir and 8 wild Wargs. The Vikings killed all, but lost 4 Vikings. Then Grendel and Sea Hag took 4 more Vikings to their graves. Then a pair of Giants whittled the group down to 6 Vikings. Last, a terrible dragon arrived to blast the hamlet into an inferno. He killed all but one beserker. The berserker made his berserk roll, took two wounds, and killed the dragon with one last fatal attack.

Lots of fun.


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