Pulp China – on Mars! 18OCT2011

It’s ERB’s Fault

That is my latest malady is clearly attributable to him of Tarzan fame, the less familiar red-skinned Martian fantasies, and too much Chinese food!

Big Sword Unit

So there I sat in a perfectly dark theater, just minding my own business, chewing popcorn and drinking a coke mostly thinking about how to game Captain America. When what to my wondering eyes does appear, but four-armed martians and a princess so dear. A shot to the heart would not have more effectively felled me. I must game John Carter of Mars says I. I run off to a convention and play “Mars or Die” using modified TSATF rules. Longing temporarily filled. Of course, I could not escape the con without buying the odd Steam Lorry or two and couple of Mars Skiffs from Recreational Conflict:


Then I play in my friend’s more ERBish Mars game of a few posts back (Barsoom) and I am now hip deep in VSF longings again.

Captain Chun-Kee

Hoping for some relief, I mention my predilections to a friend. He advises that I must obtain G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. – in fact, why don’t I accept a spare copy as barter for miniatures previously rendered, says he? Aye, says I.

Peaked Hat NCO

So recognizing that I am on the ropes, my friend moves in for the kill. He gives me taste of crack and now tries to hook me with some hard colonial troops. Luring me into Steam Punk nightmares. I counter with threatening to do G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. cowboys. This then leads to confessing my recent Steam Lorry purchases.

Steam Lorry

And then I remember I have hordes of miniatures painted years ago for a Pulp China game (60 Warlords, 20 USMC, and 20 Tong). Never thoroughly tested in battle, but table ready. The Marines stand ready to conquer Mars for the good ole US of A:


So coming to a table soon, the immortal struggle between the notorious Warlord Chun-King, Liu Bao’s Green Tea Tong, the US Marines, and American Cowboys – on Mars. Take that John Carter.

P.S. A set of RAFM Martians and proper Englishmen are winging there way here. Hopefully they can also soon join the fray.

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