Yesterday’s War 08OCT2011

For Every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction…

At least in Sir Isaac’s world that is how it works. On the planet of Glory that is not always the case.

Last night, my gaming group tried out the new Tomorrow’s War rules from Ambush Alley. I ran the basic infantry scenario for the rules. Middle of the board was a building with a USMC Marine pilot holed up calling for help. Entering from the western board edge were 3 USMC Fire-teams lead by a Squad Leader (13 Marines) and waiting in ambush were 4 Democratic People’s Republic (DPRG) of Glory Fire-teams (22 troops).

Arid Palms

In the picture above, the USMC came in from the top board edge and the DRPG were deployed in four ambush locations: in the woods to the left board edge, woods at the bottom below the river, woods to the right edge below the river (next to the field), and the woods to the right across the river. The aircraft wreckage was in the upper right portion of the board. Near the far ambush location.


USMC needed to rescue the pilot and DPRG could call it a day if they prevent the rescue or affected a capture of a high value POW (no doubt for media exploitation).

Minis and Terrain:

We ran the game in 25mm scale, but used the movement / engagement ranges straight from the book. That meant tactical moves were 6 inches and rapid moves were 12 inches. The minis were all from Denizen (some of my favorites).

For the USMC, we used the Federation Stellar Marines in hard suits.

USMC Fireteam on the Move

The DPRG were in Carapace armor and were proxied with the Ventauran Star Legion. The pilot was a female denizen in a green coverall. The pilot was treated as lightly wounded, unarmed, and incapable of combat (and in fact could not take wounds).

Retreating with the Captive

The game terrain was a beige felt game mat, gray rocks / craters, a crashed GW 40K aircraft, palm trees from the Pressman Pirate game, and lots of green lichen. The building was constructed from the Dwarven Forge sci-fi sets.

Research Comple Interior


The game opened with USMC initiative and movement for the first two turns while the DPRG sits tight. To the Northwest, Alpha Fire-team eased through the wreckage and into the sights of the DPRG. The DPRG fired from ambush lightly wounding one Marine and return fire lightly wounded a DPRG trooper. In the meantime, one of the DPRG units sprinted for the building. They reached the building’s vestibule and were setting up to breach the Force Door when engaged by the USMC Charlie Fire-team from the Southwest. The unit survived the attacked and breached inner and outer doors. They captured the pilot, blew up the eastern window and passed her out to the a waiting DPRG squad outside. The squad ran to the river and reached the ford where they were engaged by two of the Marine units. The DPRG unit holding the ford blasted one unit to pieces and then the a Fog War card nearly did-in one of the USMC units with friendly fire (I removed all the FOW cards not pertinent to the scenario – artillery, air, grid, & vehicles effects). As the game ended, the DPRG spirited the captive into the bushes and dragging her off for further interrogation.

Assessment – All the players liked the mechanics. Usual mid-game moaning about game balance and lack of understanding of the rules, but all ended well. šŸ˜‰ Nothing like a little hot dice in the next to last turn to change the odds in your favor. I really likes the Action and Reaction system. Nice touch. Next game, I will work up a QRS that is built like my brain and make some slick unit cards for the players. A little post game rules review is now in order to figure out what I did in error/overlooked, but overall LOTS OF FUN!!!!

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  1. Greyson says:

    hi again may I ask who are the nice si fi buildings made by? thanks Grey in Va.

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