Scale Purity Threatened!!! Arrival of 15mm forces

15mm Back-sliding

First I wrangle some olde (so olde I need the version of old with extra “e”) Ral Partha Galactic Grenadier SF guys. Just to have some in case we ever run that FOW SF variant and I need some.


Giving in to my baser instincts….

Next I give in on FOW madness and pickup the Early War British Rifle Company, just to be part of the team.


Resistance is futile…..

And now I am in hot pursuit of the Pacific Islands with USMC and Japanese. These are quite special as they were a part of a gamer friend’s estate that was bequeathed to the TSS in Raleigh. Someone found out of my budding 15mm WWII interest and passed these along. Awesome!

I have been assimilated…..

They arrived today in their tiny glory. They are pretty much ready for action – pre-painted if you will – aka Dunk Ready. A huge pile of tiny men. So this means that I get to continue the quest. In 2005, I had duty in Guam and spent some liberty time taking pictures of the WWII era fortifications built during the occupation. I have always wanted to game the US liberation in a smaller scale. The gift of these is half the battle. VERY EXCITED!!!

Heavy sigh….

I now need to figure out what rules to use, make some terrain, and buy a few USMC vehicles.

15mm – the one true scale….

As to holding the 15mm line – no more slip ups. Please pass that Peter Pig catalog so I can look it over again.

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One Response to Scale Purity Threatened!!! Arrival of 15mm forces

  1. lostpict says:

    I have since acquired several hundred WWII Japanese and USMC minis, sigh. Where do I order the LVTs?


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