Awake on Mars 03OCT2011

Wide Awake

I woke up Saturday night, that is I awoke on Mars.


Our club played the inaugral game of a new home-brew rendering of a John Carter game. The GM’s rules were an innovative home-brew affair that highlights tactically oriented skirmish action. He used the 32mm minis from Bronze Age. We ran two test scenarios of Red and Green martians.

Red Warriors

First game, the the Greens trounced the reds and 2nd game, the reds held off the greens. I played Red Warrior Men the first game and Red Warrior Women the second.

Death Match

The Greens were just as fast as the Reds, could not shoot as well, were tougher to kill, and meaner in Melee. The Red Warrior Women were fleeter of foot than the Red Warrior Men, but not as tough.


The Red Warrior Men had more rifles than the Red Warrior Woman.

Holding the Flank

Lots of fun!


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