Compliments to the Captain, I report my return…

Hi Folks,

It has been a bit since I last posted. Off supervising Navy training stuff (more in a bit) and a case of resulting Gaming Interruptus. But back in the saddle and ready to blog a bit more.

RHIB / Small Boat Handling:

So the Navy stuff has been pretty cool. I manage a community of US Navy Reserve officers of which most are commissioned and trained through a very non-traditional means. That is they do not go to the Academy, ROTC, or OSC. Instead, they are working professionals that receive “Direct Commissions”. If OSC creates 90-day wonders, then Direct Commission Officers (DCO) are even less trained and experienced when they put on their butter-bars. Post commissioning they go to a DCO Indoctrination School at OCS (as officers not candidates – still lots of screaming ending in the honorific “Sir!”) and then start a five year journeyman training program leading to qualification as an Engineering Duty Officer. I have been off running the course for a good bit of August, then some leave, and then a lot of last minute preparations for re-entry into the Fall’s gaming plans. So here are some pics:

Nassau County Firefighting School:

This year, we added a new accession course for the DCO immediately following DCO Indoc. This course focuses on Seamanship and Land Warfare Indoctrination (SLWIC). Lots of hands on fire-fighting, shooting, damage control, 1st aid, tactical communications, mass casualty exercises, small boats, close order drill etc. all of which is focused on being a leader in those highly chaotic environments.

M-9 Pistol Quals

Military Sealift Command Damage Control Trainer:

Combat Casualty Care / Evacuation exercise:

Steam Plant Familiarization – USTS Empire State:

Tactical Movements & Rubber Ducks:

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