Cowboy Mugshots

Writing about the Cowboys has put me back in that Old West mood. This is unfortunate, since I am supposed to be finishing the Daemonscape / GZG aero support that was my mid-summer project (and very nice models they are) and starting the final painting binge for the LOTR Pelennor Fields game at Southern Front.

I must resist the lure of sweaty horses, cow-pies, dusty trails, fragrant privies, and smoking hot guns.

Here is a game from Spring Fever in Raleigh. Where we tried to hang John “Boss” Bradford:

So "Boss" is finally to get his comeuppance.

His gang places a sniper in the bell tower with instructions to shoot the rope.

Meanwhile the rest of his gang infiltrates the town.

Rosie doesn’t know what to do – she is the Paramour of both the Boss and Dapper Dan the Sheriff. She decided to take her Winchester and shoot the rope from her window.

The Sheriff escorts the villain to the gallows, the Reverend poses the miscreant the opportunity to accept eternal damnation or salvation, Smedley Fitzburn, Esq., the Jury Foreman, reads the charges and pronounces him guilty.

The Deputy pulls the lever, the Boss starts to dangle and choke, Big Bill misses the rope when his gun breaks, Roses misses, choking noises, Rosie misses, more choking noises, Rose hits, the Boss drops free and manages not to fall through the trap-door, his hands are bound and he and dives head-first into the waiting buggy. He manages to knocks himself unconscious, the brake holds, the citizens cut loose with a fusillade of lead which strikes down the miscreants, the Boss dies, and justice is served. Ben Rumson hauls the wrong bodies off to boot-hill, but gets paid anyway.

The Stars of our drama – here are some mugshots of some of the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Old West (note that some are pre-paints, some painted by my son, and most painted by me):


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